12 relationships you need to level up your 20's

 First, let me congratulate you for being here because your life is about to take a new turn if you put to use everything I'll say here.

Sometimes ago I sent out a self development form where I asked about people opinions on what I do best and trust me" God and relationship" topped the list. So to a large extent I know my onions.

Dating relationships are great but it's not all you need. Your romantic partner cannot be your all in all. They cannot be your everything. Do you want to kill them? They also have a life to live. I know some of you have great partners. Recognizing they won't be able to play all the roles in your life will help you save the relationship.

Your partner isn't health inclined but you want him to be your physician .

Ko Le work.

That's why this post is out today so you can know the types of relationship you should invest in.

The entrepreneurs use this, the top leaders know it it's time for you to know it.

1.The encouragers

Some of us aren't real to ourselves. We want to be self sufficient and I understand that if you are going through anxiety or depression. Let me just take time to tell you that you are strong for still holding on.I know that we might not always get you. I know everyone thinks you are not strong. But it's funny how it's someone who doesn't know how it feels to be depressed that thinks you aren't strong.

Your feelings are valid. Keep on! I love you. 

Yeah, so we all need support system no matter how much people have failed us. I also want to say that there are still good people out there.People who can encourage you and put a smile on our face to keep going. The beautiful thing about this kind of people is that they don't only function when you are down. We also need them when you are strong so you can do better. Most times this people are characterized with word of affirmations.

Shout to my Parents, my siblings, Shemiloore Lawani and Awolesi Busola.

2. The supporters:

 This is similar to the first one but it's not the same.They are the "hype men".They can carry your thing on their head like it's their own.You need this kind of people in your life and business. Your fans can fit into this category. I remember how Otesile Somidinla and Ilegbemi Olamide did best friends duties during my last birthday. From dressing up, to going to do the makeup to actually taking the pictures. The memories are as new as ever.

 Thank you for playing that role in my life.

3. The nerds:

 If you know a nerd to be a socially awkward person then that's not the nerd I'm talking about.I'm talking about the one that is overly intellectual.Yes you need them. The "efikos". You know you definitely need intelligent conversations. You're in your 20's bro. No pressures anyways but I still strongly to my quote. "For everything in life it's always the earlier the better".

Akin-Ayokule Taiwo.

At this point I want to point that you don't have to be in any close relationship with all of them. You can have one person playing up to two roles in your life and that's fine.

4. The critical analyst: 

Most people that fit into this category have perfectionist tendencies. They will always have something to criticize and it can be very helpful. They hate mediocrity and will always want you to level up. They will tell about a "I" you forgot to dot and a "t" you forgot to cross. I used to be a critical analyst until it was almost affecting. Now I'm a "just do it" person. Perfection in the mud🤣. I'm kidding I'm a balanced person now.

Akin-Ayokule Taiwo.

5. The influencers:

 This works two ways. There are the popular ones, the ones that can share your stuffs on their social media platforms and your sales multiplies if you are building a brand. The ones that can influence people to visit your Ig page,come for your programme and all.

There is also the part of the people that can influence your own decisions. Somehow they know how to influence you to do your big thing.

Semiloore Ariyo(Trend fashion empire). 

6. The straight forward: 

The ones that look into your face and tell you the plain truth. No lies,this one's should know you at least to a reasonable extent to access your life and tell you areas you need to do better and areas you are doing well.

Olamide Ilegbusi.

7. The mentors:

 You already know this list isn't in any strict order because you need a mentor badly.Not badly but you get. I'm not pressuring you to get a mentor please. I'm just saying a mentor makes things easier. If someone decides to mentor you he has cut soap for you. I'm of the opinion that you can have more than one mentor based on the different sectors of your life. A financial mentor, an academic mentor, a career mentor ,a spiritual mentor and others.  

8. The partners/ collaborators: 

I'm sure you've heard this before.You shouldn't be competing with someone you should be learning/ partnering with. 

Not every thing in this life is competition. There are some people like you that you should be collaborating with.You should collaborate with other brands to bring out the best of your brand. 

9. The executors: 

I hope by now you know you can't do everything especially if you are building a brand. You need people to work with you. You need to nurture this relationship very well. This includes staff members, volunteers and many more.

10. Work pioneers:

 The people you call "connect". You need them and the way to nuture this relationship is by serving them. You have someone of this kind in your relationship you offer to help relieve their stress. Most time to get their attention may be not easy. Imagine sending an email to DDK (Debola Deji Kurunmi) telling her you'll love to relieve her stress and telling her what you can offer her. You'll help her to send emails to all her students. Obviously it should be something you are good with.

11. The investors

This relationship should be cherished like every other relationship. Most people don't realize that. Most times they have the resources you don't have. Their time,money and expertise. Carry your investors along with how things are going already. Are you making progress? Investors will be happy when they see their money ,time or whatever was invested is counting for something. Volunteers are investors please we volunteered we didn't apply for slavery dear.

My parents,Mummy London, Uncle seun Ariyo and Olamide Ilegbemi.

12. Yourself: 

Invest in a relationship with yourself. Take this challenge sit down at write an essay on yourself. You will be shocked that you don't know yourself, triggers, boundaries and care. You don't know what makes you spark. And sometimes we know but you don't love yourself enough to know you should respect your boundaries. You are probably going about pleasing people rather than paying attention to your self. If you still say I'll try when you obviously can't make it , if you still have issues saying no . This is for you. Catch your sub.

Bonus tip:

God : Fam I don't know what to claim to be. Whatever you put your faith in because you believe in God or not you must believe something. "Not believing something is still believing something" oshey shakespeare 💯. For real now Jesus is damn real and he wants a relationship with you. Relationship with him is sweet, sweeter than the honey comb. He loved you before you knew anything and he still does. No matter how far you have gone he wants you. No one is too far for him to own. He has given up on you dear.

if you want to spark your relationship with God you can send a DM.

If you are a relationship already with God keep on! 

 If you read to the end OMG! You are the real mvp. If you are new to this blog please leave a comment down you don't know I excited I get when I see them. Faculty of pharmacy is doing its own but my God is greater. If you have a pharmacy friend in this oau abeg check up and send funds🥺.

I love you. You know how I value relationship by now. So yes, I definitely want to connect with you on a deeper level. Send a DM through any of my social media links.

Please genuinely how are you doing?5

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