Biography of Reverend Emiko Amotsuka

Born in 1951, and highly regarded as one of the foremost pioneers of the Faith movement in Nigeria, Reverend Emiko Amotsuka, is the founder of Koinonia Ministries, an itinerant teaching ministry with a mandate to make good quality, full gospel teaching available to God’s people.

Full Biography of Reverend Emiko Amotsuka

In the early 1970s, he was greatly influenced by the teachings of T.L Osborne and Kenneth E Hagin quoting “They seemed to have a way of being in control of what happened in their lives. They were not at the mercy of circumstances. They seemed to have a way of using the word of God to dictate how things would turn out in their lives and that impressed me. That opened up to me a new vista in our redemption, which we never knew” and attributed those teachings to the founding of Koinonia Ministries in November 1971 at Ibadan, Nigeria.

Born as the only boy in an Itsekiri family of 5 children, he got born again at the age of 20. As a graduate of Agriculture Economics from the University of Ibadan, Reverend Amotsuka has never worked along the line of his academic qualification but rather sees himself as a public servant of God where all that matters is God’s leading and direction; not about his personal advantages or benefits.
He cites Mike Oye, Paul Jinadu. Archbishop Benson Idahosa, Kenneth E Hagin amongst others as his fathers in faith.

With a passion to see God’s people established in the whole counsel of God, he authored a book in 2016 titled “Knowing God” where he challenged Christians to pursue God and develop an intimate relationship with Him rather than seeking Him just for our needs. He is also the author of “How to receive a miracle from God”

He is happily married to his heartthrob, Pastor (Dr.) Cecilia Olayide, and the union is blessed with five children.

Reverend Emiko Amotsuka started active teaching since 1977.

He is the spiritual father to Pastor Poju Oyemade

Rev. Emiko Amotsuka is a teacher of the word of God. He is regarded in many circles as the pioneer of what is known as the Faith movement in Nigeria. He was the catalyst for a lot of what happened through the campus fellowships which served as the breeding and training ground of some of the largest ministries in the country today.

He is regarded as one of the finest teachers of Faith in Nigeria today. A speaker at churches, fellowship and several international conferences. He founded Koinonia ministries in the late 70s when going into ministry in that format was practically unknown.

Reverend Emiko Amotsuka is active on social media. You can connect with him via his official handles on Facebook, Instagram and X.


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