Christian romance: 7 christian relationship youtube channels you should be subscribed to

Everyone loves love. We all love to receive love even though we might not know how to give it. Nothing sweeter than seeing two christians getting married, this institution which Christ himself instituted and told the man to love his woman as Christ loves the church. It's not an easy thing to do I must confess, well, not like I've done it before but don't you think you need to be prepared to walk into something like that.

That is why i'll be sharing with you 7 channels where you can learn love. It's even better because these people have gone ahead of us and are already in it. You are going to enjoy watching them and be ready to subscribe. 

1. Stalwart lovers:

 Faith and Michael are young couples living in Canada. Their epic video " our wedding night" hit over 1 million whopping views on Youtube. One thing about stalwart lovers is their sense of humor. Trust me, it's top-notch. They've helped me embrace sexual purity even more than ever before. 

2. Ayoope

As the youtube name suggests Ayo and Ope are the names of the couple. Ayo and Ope have been married for Over 8 years with 3 children. They talk about dating, marriage, and love. They also do vlogs around love and their journey together.

3. Paul and Morgan: 

Paul and Morgan talk about issues relating to Christian dating and love. Although of recent they started to talk about controversial issues and one time did a couple of videos with an atheist couple. I love Paul and Morgan for their doggedness even amid the conflicting opinions of others. 

4. The Mahks: 

South African couple blessed with two beautiful daughters. They give content on lifestyle and relationship. The mahks share faith related topics too. I love them because you could see the love they share even from their videos and the way they honour and respect each other.

The Mahks are very funny and you might end up binge-watching their videos.

5. Natte and Sutton: 

Natte and Sutton talk about crucial issues in the Christian dating scene. They make this Christian dating so interesting and inviting. I love their biblical perspective on issues too. 

6. Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo:

 He is married to Pastor Mildred Okonkwo together they serve as relationship consultants.  He is the founder of David Christian center, a church where he pastors and LDM( Love, dating, and marriage).

On his channel, he drops dating, marriage, and parenting tips for a healthy relationship. Pastor Kingsley has written several books on this subject topic.

7. Laju and Emmanuel: 

Pastey and PL as fondly called by loved ones run separate YouTube channels. However, they often come together to make videos about love and dating. PL constantly emphasizes that dating is a time to love intelligently and that dating is a time to love blindly. Their videos see usually very goofy, interesting, and captivating.

And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. I wish you the best in your dating relationship.

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  1. Amazing.
    Definitely checking out others I follow about 4 of them already. Paul and Morgan sounds intrinteres


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