Christian Fiction: Dust to Dust

"Please, respect this anointing", Pastor David said with a sweaty face with veins stretched down his neck to his chest.

Pastor David, a student pastor I had known from my university days, had become a big pastor in the city and everyone appreciated his ministry. I had heard of his church and I kept wondering if it was the same pastor David I knew. In the University, he was so humble, calm and meek. He could prostrate for the least of brethren in the fellowship. He was so exemplary. Some people even started to pray with the request of : "God, make me like Bro David". He was really an example.

Immediately after school, he picked God's call and started his church. God really gave the increase. People started flooding the church, miracles and breakthroughs were evident and everyone wanted to be part of this big movement. I kept seeing his posters everywhere and hearing of his ministry online and from people. Everybody testified of him and blessed the God of pastor David.

Every time I heard of what God had been doing, I beamed with smiles. It made me understand that God could do anything and with anyone.

I woke up very early today. It was a Sunday morning and particularly my best day. I attended the fellowship on campus, the school's chapel. We had our meetings by 2pm in the evening and so, I had the opportunity of having a beautiful personal fellowship with the Holy spirit every morning and sleeping  in once I was done till it was time for the general school fellowship. Today, I was particularly excited about talking with the Holy spirit and sleeping in. Before I could go further after praying, I heard a sharp instruction in my Spirit.

"Go to Pastor David's church this morning".

Haaaa, I sat up immediately. Was the Holy spirit serious right now? My thoughts and brain fought with me continuously but I knew I had to give in.

I left my bed reluctantly. The Sunday vibes and glow suddenly left me.

I reluctantly got ready. I wore a plain gown and a flat shoe, rolled my braids into a bun and wore plain lipgloss on my lips. I stepped out and boarded a taxi for the church.

As I stepped into the church, the ambiance and building looked like I had stepped into another country. Everything was so beautiful and luxurious. I looked around for an empty seat and walked to it to sit down. I took my seat just in time for the service. The service kicked off almost immediately.

The choir beamed with radiant clothings and beautiful smiles. Their voices loud and beautiful. The procession went on till it was time for the message and Pastor David mounted the pulpit. He started by welcoming people to church and then went on and on about his works and the growth of the church. I wondered if he did this every Sunday.

"Have you ever healed the sick? Have you raised the dead? Have you sent out demons? I do all of that and more. Some of you casually walk into church everyday, please change that attitude. You must respect this anointing…" he kept on going. I was still lost in thoughts when I heard this. It made me really wonder if today's message was about the cross or about Bro David, my bad, Pastor David. 'I have to respect this anointing'.

"I must say, I return all glory to God. He is the reason we are here today. Somebody celebrate Jesus", he shouted to end the message. He then invited the choir for a praise and offering session.

The Holy Spirit whispered Proberbs chapter 16:2 in my heart. I brought my android phone and checked the verse immediately. It read:

Prov.16.2 All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but the LORD weigheth the spirits. (KJV)

I didn't really understand, so I joined the prayer shortly and I left when the service was over.

Once I stepped out, I heard a voice again.

" Stella, you are mud, sand, and as long as the Holy spirit is in you, He constrains you and reminds you that you can be no equal to God. So each time you win, he reminds you that Christ won and not you. You are dust, clay - muddy soil, without God you are nothing. From dust and to dust you will return" I listened attentively.

My heart was melting. I was shocked how intentional God was about me. So he brought me all the way to teach me about his glory. It still scared me. Then how can I be sure that I am returning every glory to God? I wondered.

Then another scripture dropped in my heart again.

Proverbs chapter 27:21:

Prov.27.21 Fire tests the purity of silver and gold, but a person is tested by being praised. (NLT)

When I read this, I started to shake. I was trembling because I didn't know what was ahead of me. If the Holy Spirit saw it need to teach me and instruct me of these things now, then, something bigger than me was coming sooner or later. I was scared but grateful. As I walked back to my room, an overwhelming consciousness clinged to my body.

Dear reader, you are dust!

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  1. Oh Holy Spirit, bring constantly remind me I am dust and to dustI shall return. I am really blessed.

  2. May I never forget that whatsoever God equips me to do is to his glory, and that I'm just clay( a vessel) he has decided to show mercy!

  3. Lord! teach me you

  4. Being tested with praise is one thing that scares me kind of. Like even that little smile you give after can start to build pride in one's heart. I only continue to pray God helps me.
    Thanks for this✨

  5. May I never glorify myself thinking I'm glorifying God.
    May you never run out of inspiration!


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