Biography of Pastor Taiwo Oyebola

Taiwo Oyebola, fondly called PTO, is the Senior Pastor of Destiny Christian Bible Ministry, Ondo State, Nigeria. He was born into the family of four children with natural descent from Ipole-Iloro in Ekiti state. Although in his early thirties at the time of publishing this biography, he became born again at the age of seventeen (17), however he struggled for the next two and half years on his new got path of salvation with the addiction that had been a yoke on his neck many years before.

Full Biography of Pastor Taiwo Oyebola

He started to hear from God clearly at his teens asides the significant dreams he had as a child that were hard for the mouth to divulge.
His mentors in Ministry are Bishop Dr. David O. Oyedepo, of whom he shared in a teaching God asked to mentor him at the age of 20. He attributed his ability to navigate and walk in the spirit to the diverse encounters he had with the spirited teachings of the sage.
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who is his second mentor, he shared how he was led to him to learn two vital things after an encounter while he was writing his final degree exams at Obafemi Awolowo University. These two things are amongst the tripod stand of his effortless spirituality he has mentioned umpteen times.
Reading for the third time, the Book "The HolySpirit, My Senior Partner" by David Paul Youngi Cho, he was opened up to the Ministry of the Person of the HolySpirit as a young undergraduate. He has vividly encountered Him to a level he calls the HolySpirit the Senior Pastor and Partner of the Church.

God called him into ministry at 21 and then went ahead to reveal to him that he was giving him a "Destiny Mandate" to carry out for the fulfilment of destinies of men and women at the age of 28.

He has a Masters of Technology in Medical Microbiology after he bagged his first degree in Microbiology at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

Saddled with the responsibility of starting a church from the scratch after receiving the Mandate 
December 12, 2019

The Destiny Mandate:

"My son, I am taking you out of probation into your position in Destiny"

He sought the Lord for wisdom the next three days on how to carry out this mission successfully, and since then, he has never lost touch with the Wisdom of God on what next to do as the church started exactly one month after the instruction came (January 12, 2020)

This word-based and Spirit-led church is arguably  the fastest growing non-affiliated church in Ondo considering how fast the church has grown in 2years despite the global lock down that had churches locked for months in 2020.

Pastor Taiwo, though young and without seminary education in theology speaks with revelational accuracy and scriptural eloquence because of his deep intimacy with the Spirit of Truth whom he came across while transitioning from his teenage.

His teachings communicate high revelational truth yet, they are easy to comprehend and they make you hunger and thirst for more of the word. This is why many youths have been drawn and are thronging to listen to his teachings that sometimes last hours without any feeling of it. His spiritual acumen are precise as they have been proved over time by the manifestations of events he spoke about long before in view.

When asked his happiest moments in Ministry,
he responded:
one was the the day I saw people running to catch up with the Word ministration, tears ran down my cheeks because I knew God had opened the seals of the Word to me to make all men see (Ephesians3:9)

He hosts the 3 Days Of Glory Service (DOGS),  Grace Upon Grace conference (GUG) and Light Bearer's Meeting which has metamorphosed into Light and City Conference (LCC)  which all draw multitude of people. He is blessed with accurate revelational injunctions of the Word and operates with cutting edge of a prophet while comparing spiritual things with Spiritual in His ministrations

In all of these, one fascinating thing about him is his reverence to God, this is even confirmed as He gives Glory to God almost like an interjection every time while Talking.

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  1. He is really blessed and gifted. I am proud that he is my pastor

  2. Some people carry plenty Grace, God help me too, I celebrate Grace


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