Jesus, Our Knight in Shining Armor

If you've ever watched a movie where a "Knight in shining armor" came to save his "damsel in distress" from some rogues, then you must have been thrilled at the dexterity of the said knight. It is likely that you were in awe as the knight carried his damsel in his arms, just after beating up the rogues. Now, if you have not watched a movie like that before, just imagine the whole scene played out. Better still, imagine a scene where a local prince truly loves a princess from a distant town. One day, the beautiful princess was ambushed by unknown men who threatened to take her away. Luckily, the local prince was somewhere close and hearing her scream for help, he rushed to the scene, beat up her attackers and rescued her. Now, you get the picture.

However, there is one Knight whose saving power reaches till the end of the earth. This Knight fought for and carries the whole world in His hand, yet He does not flinch nor frown. He is a "Knight" to many 'damsels' in distress, yet He is loyal to every single one of them.

God has saved and redeemed us from the curse of law. His saving power is so strong that it keeps chasing us even when we are undeserving. He does not just offer us salvation and stop there. He still keeps following us and saving us from instances that could have overwhelmed us. In every situation, He is still there, saving us, encouraging and cheering us on.

Jesus, the saviour of the world. Always there for us. Thank you, Lord Jesus. We may wonder why God hasn't given up on us, it's because He has fought for us and He just cannot give up on us. That one time fight at the cross of calvary surpasses all forms of earthly fights. His fight and love is overall.

If only we can keep our gaze fixed on Jesus, then we would enjoy all the benefits of the fight he fought for us and we wouldn't be overwhelmed by the current situation we are going through. We have been fought for. 

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