As for Me and My house, We will Serve the Lord…

I remember sometime in October 2022. It was my mum’s 60th Birthday celebration and the family gathered from different parts of the country to pull a surprise for her. That morning, I led the family devotion and I recall reading the story of Joshua and his declaration - that himself and his family would serve the Lord all through their days (Joshua 24:15).

I know there are many lessons from the life of Joshua but this statement hits hard for me again and again. I looked at how God kept my family all through the years because my parents had dedicated us in service to Him. Even in the imperfections which the devil points us to see, I still look and marvel at how faithful God can be to anyone or any people who choose to serve Him.

but As I write this, I’m led to

1. Resolve to Serve God

It pays to serve God from a very young age. This is one thing I'd teach my children right from their mother's womb. I see myself praying prophecies to fulfilment and speaking words into their lives while holding their mother's stomach. In fact, right away, I'd begin to declare while they're in my loins that their lives shall be sold out in service to God.

2. There’s so much Beauty in Service

In God, you find an unusual satisfaction that you cannot find elsewhere.

3. Kill Doubt in your Heart

You cannot serve God if you

4. The Heart of Service Matters

It's never enough to serve God alone - the heart of service determines the quality of service. You cannot serve God grudgingly or serve Him to "fulfil your parent's wishes". Your service to God is invalid as far as it isn't from a genuine and pure heart. Have you not read that God looks at the heart and rewards accordingly?

5. Understand that God is a Jealous God

Once you commit to serving God, you automatically consent that no other god has your obeisance any longer. 

6. Create Room for Love

God is love and you must learn to love if you truly want to serve God. The rule is simple - you cannot serve a God you don't love.

As I close this article, I hope that you see every reason to serve God. Serving God on earth is not completely sweet. When the disciples asked Jesus, He told them that there would be trials and temptations while on earth but assured them to be of good faith and stay calm in victory. Like bitter leaf

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