Series: Lessons from Bible Characters

The essence of lessons is to ensure that positive lifestyles are maintained and negative outcomes are permanently stopped. The eventual trend of things determine whether or not they can be copied. For example, if you see someone try to jump over a pit but falls into it, another tries to jump again and yet falls into it, you learn to cross that pit in a proper manner so that you won't fall into it. In the same way, lessons from Bible Characters is a series intended to alert the consciousness of believers today to the character and lifestyle of these men of old. As a result of this series, it is hoped that each reader will pick up positive lifestyles, dump negativity and approach life with every purpose to excel, thus bringing glory to God's kingdom.

Lessons from Bible Characters - A Series

Below is a content map guide to lessons from different Bible Characters. Arranged in alphabetical order, readers would have practically no issues with finding their desired Bible characters.

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