Christian Poetry: Glory


I will never again berate the rise of a new day

I am reminded that the day speaks of your glory

So, I pledge to receive every new Today with reverence

Regardless of what may have happened, I meet my nights with appreciation for He gives sleep to his beloved

Thank you for the stirring of the night into another day

Like a master Sailor, You mount the ship and with quick precise movements, you sail us safely into another rising of the sun

"The heavens declare", Night says

"The glory of our God is arisen", Day announces

From one end of the heavens to the other end of the earth, Your Handiwork is revealed

Day unto day utters speech

The nights pass the tale along

And as seasons roll into seasons, we continue to behold the never ending firmament of our God

              . . .

In the rising of the Sun to the setting of the same,

God is seen, manning His own earth,

Being God, over and again

(Psalm 19:1-6)

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