Should Christians take advantage of Black Friday Offers?

 Black Fridays are that time of the year when everyone (including you) finally has the courage to buy all the items they've had in their cart for a long time. During this period, business owners put their goods on sale at a very good and affordable price.

Digital creators often shy away from offering Black Friday discounts for lots of justifiable reasons. However, it is a good time to boost sales of your products and get more potential customers on board. 

Also, being a digital creator saves you from the operational cost of running a business. You don’t have to worry about delivery fees or clearing fees, or lots of other expenses that come with running a traditional offline business. This unique advantage gives you the opportunity to offer discounts without harming your business.

The holidays are almost here. Aside from shopping, people want to spend the holidays learning a new skill, reading a book, or even taking an online course. And you can help them by offering discounts on your digital products.

And if you think you’re leaving money on the table by offering discounts, relax. It happens once every year. So you have more than enough time to make more money you may have lost by offering discounts.

If you still disagree, we’ve written an article that shows you how to offer discounts without harming your business. 

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