The True Meaning of Life is not by how it is defined - Apostle Simon Ezekiel Okewu

In our interview series today, we host Apostle Simon Ezekiel Okewu as he shares his Christian life experience and talks about his book titled “It is Your Time”. 

Full Biography of Apostle Simon Ezekiel Okewu

Can we meet you? Kindly tell us about yourself.

Guest: I come from a very humble background. We are not poor. I did not have the privilege of playing around with toys and. My father is a police officer currently serving with the Nigerian Police Force

What was your journey into Christ like? Kindly share your salvation story.


You recently wrote a book titled, "This is Your Time (Positioning Yourself tor Greatness)". What inspired you to write this book sir?

Guest: When I gained admission for my First Degree in Human Anatomy at the Federal University, Lafia, few days to the matriculation, I went to collect my matriculation gown just like every other newly admired Fresher's and excited student 

4. In your book, you discussed the rat race called life and the struggle for greatness. Can you tell us a bit of what you mean by this?


Is there a recipe for greatness? For you, what exactly do you think is the recipe for greatness? Or simply put, What must a man do to be great?

Guest: I think we need to begin by understanding what greatness itself means. Greatness is not posssession or a result of what you have. Greatness can be a symptom or a sign. The things you have may be symbols or signs of greatness but they don't define your greatness. In simple terms. Greatness is personal, self-discovered and self-deployed. It begins at the train

6. Do you think Hardwork is a guarantee of greatness?


7a. In our world today, it is true that some people become great by crooked means, yet they claim it's "grace". What's your view about this sir?


7b. People have different opinions of what exactly is greatness. In your view, Does Greatness mean wealth, glory, impact or fame?

7c. What do you think is the connection between personal ambition and greatness?

Guest: Thank you for this question. I'd like to begin with a story I shared in my book - about a lady called Rose. Rose was a lady who was preparing for an interview and as a result, she didn't sleep all through the night. She was due for promotion to the position of General manager at her firm and she wanted to be prepared as much as possible. She was going to be interviewed by the managing director and some board members and she was particularly nervous. She had. When she got to the interview room the next day, she was met with. The CEO started with what are your plans for this firm. She was expecting this question. The. Someone in the room asked, Who are you? Congratulations Mrs. Johnson

8a. By how far God has helped you, especially through your ministry, what do you think is the importance of marketplace influence in spreading the gospel?

Guest: In 2020, COVID-19. This was because. The Internet is not a curse. I am of the opinion that if anything is going to thrive

8b. Have you ever had a down moment in the course of your journey with God? Kindly share your experience and how you passed through it.

8c. What is hearing God like for you as a believer, especially as regards starting something in line with purpose?

9. With the steady progress you have recorded in ministry by God's grace, what big picture keeps you focused?

Guest: Everything we have achieved in the ministry is by God’s grace and everything we are going to achieve is going to be by His grace too. We can by ourselves do nothing. We are nothing without God. Looking at the kind of ministry God has given to me, I am  As to the big picture that keeps me going, I look forward to a day when Christianity especially as it is in Africa will not just be within the four walls of the church but be recognized as a force that the society cannot . I look forward to a day where our relevance as Christians will be felt in the corridors of politics, medicine, media, entrepreneurship . I read about the Orange Revolution in Ukrain that was led by Pastor Sunday Adelaja 

What's your advice for believers (and unbelievers) who truly want to position themselves for greatness?

Guest: My singular advice to believers and unbelievers who want to truly position themselves for greatness is wrapped in a small message in my book. The true meaning of life is not by how it is defined or how it is taught to you. The true meaning of life is a reality only you can capture writhin the region of your soul. Greatness is not material acquisition. It is internal. The best way to

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