Biography of Apostle Grace Lubega

Apostle Grace Lubega was born in 1987 in Wakiso District in Uganda where he lived with his parents before moving to Kampala for his education. He hails from the Muganda tribe with origins from Buganda Kingdom where his parents were born and raised.

Today, Apostle Grace Lubega is a voice for God in East Africa doing the untold for God and making a massive generational impact with heart-shaking results.

Apostle Grace Lubega confessed Christ as his savior while at his Time at Makerere University continuing as Christian throughout his college before later coming to the Vision after he resigned from work at KCB Bank.

Apostle Grace Lubega started phaneroo ministries in 2006 but would fully commit to the ministries in 2007 where he resigned from KCB Bank where he worked as the manager and Supervisor of Customer Care and Service.

From that humble beginning, today, Apostle Grace Lubega’s services at Phaneroo Ministries Make Manifest is attended by over 500,000 people weekly both at the service and virtually and on Television. The physical services is attended by over 5000 people in Kampala.

Apostle Lubega is an Ugandan senior pastor and founder of Phaneero Ministries Make Manifest which is head-quartered in Kampala Uganda.

Full Biography of Apostle Grace Lubega

Growing up, Apostle Grace Lubega studied from Makerere University where he graduated with a Bachelor Degree specializing in Statistics and accounting. He also studied both Ordinary and Advanced levels in Kampala District.

Apostle Grace Lubega is happily married to his heartthrob, Nicole Kavuma Lubega. They got married on 19th March, 2019 and are blessed with a beautiful daughter who was born in 2020.

Apostle Grace Lubega is not active on social media platform. However, you can connect with him via his ministry's official social media handles on Facebook, Instagram and X.

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