In The End, You Will Rejoice: Gospel Today Devotional - 26th January, 2024

It is often said that nothing lasts forever and that no condition is permanent. Most times, this is said to lift someone's spirit who is weary or very much tired of the situation or the particular circumstance the person finds himself. And truly there are Biblical examples of this saying. Take, for instance, Hannah, although she wasn't able to bear a child at first, later she did. How about Sarah, Abraham's wife, who in her old age conceived, and bore a child? She had been that way for years but in the end, the Lord visited her. 

In The End, You Will Rejoice: Gospel Today Devotional - 26th January, 2024

Let's take this as our case study, the story of Job. You see, when Job was afflicted, it was as though nothing was going to come out of it, right? Let's not forget that the man Job had all life's good at first. He had children, wealth, houses, and animals in abundance; he lacked nothing, but then he lost all. Was the Lord responsible for this? No, not at all. He only permitted it for a season because the devil had a misjudgment of the man Job, and God was ready to show to him that Job was not the man he accused him to be. Glory to God.

The Lord today through his word will be revealing to us that which you, and I may need at that moment when we feel, and think all hope is lost. That period when we think that nothing good will ever be given to us, or will ever come our way. That period in our lives when we think there would be no light at the end of the tunnel. The anchor text for our study today is seen in the passage below:

"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." (Psalm 30:5b).

Still on Job. In one day, he lost all he had. His children died, and his things got burnt. So many terrible things happened. You know, the bad news kept coming in from time to time, and funny enough, there was always one person who survived so he could bring the sad news to him. He lost almost everything in one day. How could he have felt? So terribly devastated I perceive. Who would go through such, and not be devastated? No one. It didn't end there as even his body wasn't left out. This was a man who had everything going well for him until his happy moments became so very sad [Read Job chapters 1 and 2].

Did he do anything wrong? Was he at fault? Did he deserve that which was served to him? The answer to all these is no. Even at that, he didn't deny God; his friends blamed, and accused him, people despised him, and his wife tried to lure him into offending God but he didn't. In those moments, he held on to God, and although he didn't know for what reason he was suffering, he still was patient. Truth be told, he must have cried so terribly, he must have gone through a lot of pain but then he still did not insult his maker but was patient enough to see the result.

In the last chapter of the book of Job, it was recorded that God made his end better than his beginning, and blessed him with twice as much as he had in the beginning. Praise God. To someone reading this today, it may be that right now, you're going through a phase in your life that no one knows about; you have cried, rolled severally on your bed in pain, and the situation hasn't gotten any better. You are weak and tired, and nothing makes sense at this point. All you want to do is give up now; perhaps you've waited long enough for that baby, that business to flourish, the marriage to be better, the family, the kids, your health, etc, and it's as though nothing is happening yet.

I have a word for you, and it is not mine but the word of God to you, saying, son, daughter, weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. You may have been crying before now, but you're being ushered now into the season of your rejoicing. So, wipe your tears, and weep no more. The Lord comfort your hearts with this today. Amen.

Thought for the Day

Although weeping may endure for a night, joy comes in the morning. God is about to usher you into your season of rejoicing.

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