5 Lessons from the life of Zipporah, Wife of Moses

Many christians don't know Moses was married and when you ask, what is the name of Moses wife, most of them looks confused.

But it's true.

Moses was married to Zipporah and they had two sons together.

Now to the main point of the day. What lessons can we draw from the life of Zipporah? 

1. Zipporah was the daughter of Reuel - Exodus 2:21

Zipporah was one of the seven daughters of Reuel, who was the priest of the Midian (Exodus 2:15-21). Moses helped his daughters fetch water without the disturbance of the shepherds. And in appreciation, Reuel gave out Zipporah in marriage to Moses.

She was hardworking and an obedient daughter. She helped her father around the house.

2. She followed her husband to his land (Exodus 4:20)

After the Lord told Moses to go back to Egypt that his enemies were dead, He took his wife and sons with him. Zipporah followed her husband to his land and people, leaving her father and sisters behind.

She fulfilled the law of going to her husband's house after marriage.

3. She was an intercessor. (Exodus 4:24 -26)

She always stood in gap for her husband and children.

The night God was about to kill Mose for his disobedience, she took a step of faith and circumcised her son and said' Now you are the bridegroom of blood to me' which means circumcision. After that, it was recorded that the Lord left Moses.

4. She is a submissive wife (Exodus 18:5-6)

Due to the workload on Moses and his absence, he sent Zipporah and his children to his father-in-law to be taken care of and Zipporah without complaints went with the children to stay with her father and when her father came to visit Moses, she went with the children to see her husband.

5. She is a caring and supportive wife (Exodus 18:7)

When she went to see Moses with her father and the children, She didn't complain or nagged him for not coming to see her and the children. She asked after his welfare and took care of him during their stay in Moses camp.

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