Let the Weak say I am Strong

“Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruninghooks into spears: let the weak say, I am strong” Joel 3:10.

There is a will power in everyone, the hidden power that won’t act until you summon it. Just as continually affirming strength and healing by a sick person can go a long way in providing strength to the person until he heals completely. God will make something happen for you if you make use of your hidden power to get what you want, if you are willing to make your brain believe in the positive things that will happen to you even before taking any step. 

Let the weak say I am Strong - by Deborah Oyelade

Negative things mostly happen because of the negative statements you say consciously and unconsciously. The reason why a little child will always go for what he wants is because he does not have biased mind against his wants, his brain is not fighting against it and the parent will provide those things once the child cry or request for it. But when the child starts to grow and he is being denied things he wants, being discouraged from pursuing his goals and everyone starts to make him feel like nothing can be achieved just because he wants it, making him succumb to limitations. This is when the subconscious mind will become automatically trained to struggling and not wanting to fight weakness. And if that persists, the body will set itself up for viewing every possibility from the negative aspect even if the result is likely to be positive. 

According to popular research articles,, it has been discovered that the brain has a store for both positive and negative examples and likely solutions. Therefore when you are faced with any situation that seems trying, once you talk down on yourself and start to think about the likely negative outcomes, the part of the brain where previous negative outcomes has been stored will start to release the preview of every challenge you have faced that gave you a negative result and it will give you more and more examples until you give up on taking any step towards success. However, when you believe you can do something no matter how tough the process might be, the part of the brain where previous positive outcomes are stored will start giving you examples of challenges you faced anyhow and overcame, situations you decided to go all out for and you succeeded at, processes you were told not to try because nobody has ever succeeded but you tried anyway and prevailed until you become motivated to give the new step a try.

Human being has been configured in such a way that whatever they set their mind to would be achieved. In the Bible, when the people came together and decided to build a tower that will reach heaven so that it would be easy for them to get to God whenever they want something and they won’t have to struggle and follow lots of processes before getting to God. Do you know that if they weren’t scattered and they could still understand themselves till the end, they would have succeeded in building that tower?

Therefore, whenever you believe that you can’t do something and you decide not to try, you are likely to have a negative result even if you try because you are not motivated and you have discouraged your spirit even before trying.

When David was going to war and he asked God whether he should go and if he will prevail. Once God gave him the go ahead, he pursued with all his might not thinking about all the negatives, all the bad things that could happen on his way or on the battle field, he wasn’t thinking what if God decide to leave him on the battle field? He only had his mind on the positive outcome (winning) and he got exactly that. Remember when the Israelites were meant to spy a land before going there to war, only two of them came back with a positive results while the others were not seeing any possibility of winning due to the size of the people of that land. God knew there were giants in that land but he was willing to give Israel that land anyway, he was willing to give them victory but fear blinded the Israelites and God decided to give their children that land instead and they lost their chance of getting to the promise land.

The word ‘fear’ is the author of negative thoughts, because you are always anxious and afraid of what might happen if you try something, but nothing can happen if you decide not to take risks at some point in your life. Every good thing that we are enjoying in the world now came into existence because someone took the risk. We are enjoying some things now because some people never allowed negative thoughts overcome their positivity. It is quite surprising that the word ‘fear’ was used more than 500 times in the Bible while ‘fear not’ was used 365 times which means God wants you to face every day without fear. Of course every day has its own evil, positive things may not happen every day, but living every day and facing it with a positive spirit will turn lots of negative outcomes to positive outcomes for you. God gave his promise in Zechariah 8:15 (so again have I thought in these days to well unto Jerusalem and to the house of Judah: fear ye not.) to do you good, which means you should start every day with a mindset that God will do you good and erase every fear that can lead to worrying and eventually, negative thinking. Whenever you feel weak, declare strength and whenever you sense negativity, declare positivity.


Whatsoever you fear is likely to pull you down. If you continue to fear failure, your fear will continue to grow bigger until you lose all the will power for success. Instead of allowing fear to capture your heart, as you see only the negative side of things, don't try to overthink every situation. You have a solid response in 1 Peter 5:7 which says ‘Cast all your care upon him because he cares for you’.


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