Our Grace Differs

Sometime ago, I was discussing a topic in my recent article titled Before Manifestation, comes challenges) with my sister. During the conversation, we talked about how processes can't be skipped and how we have to face challenges and overcome them before we can attain some space and things in life.

In the discussion, I told her that there might actually be double promotion for some people, which is very rare and comes with conditions.
I used a case study of a student who was given a double promotion on the merit of her brilliance and knowledge in her subject that is far beyond that of his classmate.
The teacher had seen this quality for a long time but kept being observant until it was time for her to give an account of the performance for that term.

She was too surprised by the outstanding performance of this student and also decided to test his knowledge in a much higher subject, yet he still performed exceptionally well and earned so many accolades.
He got promoted to a much higher level than his mate. Some grew very jealous of him and tried to copy this youngster. Unfortunately instead of getting better, they got worse, some lost themselves along the line prompting  their teachers to ask why  their grade dropped all of a sudden.

Somewhere getting accolades but deep down in their heart they knew that's not who they were, they felt overwhelmed with how much effort they have to put in and it burnt them out.
This is the same thing in the life of a Christian. The grace we carry is different, what took some people a day to achieve, can take another person a month, another a year e.t.c, but that doesn't mean we are not moving forward, or that God doesn't love us, that doesn't mean we won't manifest. We just have to discover our unique pattern that God has planned for us to achieve our goals in life.

Less, I forget this brilliant boy with all his brilliance had challenges he is faced with just that he carries a grace that's different from that of  his peer, as well as the grace he lacks, another of his peers carriedt.

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Sometimes, the process we have to go through seems so difficult, we sometimes get distracted by people who we think are doing better than us without knowing that these people too have their own challenges and the fact that our timing is different.

Many of us try to work with someone else's pattern and in the process we lose who we are meant to be, we depart from the path God has laid down for us but the truth is we can't attain the height meant for us if we don't find our way back.

In conclusion, as an individual, as a family, as a nation the grace we carry differs, our pattern of manifestation differs, our processes  differ. If we refuse to skip steps and processes when God has not given us the grace to or if we try to work with someone else's pattern, it might not work for us. We might end up wasting time and still have to face the right way no matter how much time we've wasted.

To the young ones, please don't look at anyone's pattern, don't be envious of anyone's achievement, just make sure you are following the principles laid down for you by God. To the one who has derailed, find your way back and start following that unique pattern no matter how difficult it is. To the one who has wasted time, there is room for double promotion. Our God is merciful and full of grace. Pray and seek his face for mercy to overtake and recover all that is lost and all the time that has been wasted.

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