5 Inspiring Lessons from the Movie, 30 Pieces

I had a swell time watching the Mount Zion movie, titled 30 pieces. When I first heard the title, I just felt, "ohh, it must be about the story of Judas who betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver."

However, upon watching the movie, I realised it was way more than that. In fact, I have to give it to the entire crew that made the movie production possible. They did an excellent job.

The movie has a lot of lessons embedded in it and I am going to be outlining five of it in this post. Shall we?

1. The Gospel is for the street boys too

Few minutes into the movie, Mr Damilola Mike-Bamiloye, who was one of main actors, (he played the role of "Officer Emmanuel") was seen in a ghetto like environment. We find that he had persons, rogues actually, whom he had brought the gospel to and were now his disciples. They refer to him as their pastor. His wife - Sharon- whose role was acted by Mrs Moromoluwa Abolaji, humorously calls the street guys - area Jesus boys(if you have watched the movie, you sure can relate 😅) . Jesus has sons in the ghetto too. This reminds us of the fact that, Jesus died for that drunkard too, He died for that drug addict too, He is a saviour to that smoker too. The gospel of Christ is the gospel of no discrimination.

2. You shouldn't despise a person because he backslid

Officer Emmanuel was led to Christ by his boss and colleague - Officer Collins. But somehow, Officer Collins was waxing cold while Officer Emmanuel kept growing in God. But never did we see Officer Emmanuel despising Officer Collins for his lukewarmness. On the contrary, he kept encouraging Officer Collins. He didn't go around gossiping about him. We should take a lesson from this.

If this was some of us, we could have resented Officer Collins. What is your reaction when you see your superior in the faith doing the opposite of what they have taught you? Do you condemn them and go around gossiping about them? Or do you pray for them and reach out to them in love, while also being lovingly corrective? 

3. Refuse to compromise

Officer Collins and two other police officers, wanted to bring Officer Emmanuel in into an unholy plan. They had arrested a terrorist who then offered them two million naira each, alongside two hundred thousand naira monthly upkeep. When officer Emmanuel was however informed of the ridiculous plan, he turned it down angrily and tried convincing Officer Collins to not act like Judas who betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. The offer had seemed juicy and in fact, nobody needed that money more than officer Emmanuel. His rent had expired and the landlord had given him two weeks to balance up the payment. Yet, he did not receive the devil's gift so as to meet his needs. He refused to do what was against his faith. That I think, is extremely commendable.

Are you faced with an hard situation that is making you think twice about your stand with God? Are you tempted to compromise? Remember God's word in Romans 12 and refuse to conform to the standards of the world and instead, be transformed by renewing your mind with God's truth/biblical reality. Find God's truth in the Bible and stick to it. It would save you from a lot of danger and unnecessary drama. 

4. There is great danger in being on the devil's side, even if it's for few minutes.

Officer Collins son, Tega, was lured into an unholy business by a friend of his, who had told him he was into a lucrative business. Though he wasn't aware of what the business was, he just innocently followed his friend and was later surprised to see that the business his friend had been talking to him about, was an occultic one. With a gun to his head, he was forced to agree. Unfortunately for him, the  night he joined was the same night the police had planned to raid their occultic an hideout and it was so sad that he eventually got killed that night. The fact that he just joined did not make him escape death.

Devil does not bargain. Death resides with him. Going over to his side, for even a split second could result in grave consequences. 

5. "Quench this fire before it spreads"

This was Officer Emma's advice to Officer Collins whose hand had been  burnt by his wife with an hot iron, because she found out he was seeing someone else. Emma advised him to do something about the chaos that was setting in in his home before it ruins his entire family. And that was exactly what happened, the fire did spread and it did so rapidly and cruelly that his son got "consumed" in it. Had officer Collins quenched the fire by returning to God, he would not have received a bribe. Neither would he have let go of a criminal who was later going to have his son initiated into his cult. Officer Collins would have prevented that accident, if he had "quenched the fire" on time.

What fire are you giving room to spread in your life? What decision are you making in your present, that would wait for you as grieve consequences in the future? Quench it, before it spreads.

There are more lessons in the movie. These are only a few. You should see the movie if you haven't done that. You would be glad you did.

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