God for Worship OR Worship for God? (Part 1)

John 4:24

For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.

Are there false worship? Is it possible that God may not be worshipped well? Can man truly give God the worship He desires? Yes!

While we stress on the importance of worship and how, resultantly, it affects the worshipper, we need to also know that God does not necessarily need our worship to survive. His existence has never been a reflection of the quality of worship He gets from any man, at all. No matter who. He is too “GOD” to be subjected to such infirmity.

This directly reflects to us that the necessity and quality of worship we speak of is in our interest and not in God's. Why then are we deceived to think we can worship God shallowly and earn the full returns of the ritual, when we know we just rendered false worship? Until the worship is true, it is false.

True worship is birthed from true gratitude. True gratitude is conceived in the heart, then every other thing follows. Matthew 15:18 “But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart...” Therefore, your worship is a reflection of what you first conceived in your heart. So, if you've conceived false worship, everything that is laid down at the altar of worship won't be worship, your worship isn't real.

It is important to first see the reason(s) you are worshiping and understand that God is the only reason it came to be; realising sincerely that without God in the matter, it all will go south; discarding every thought that tends to justify that you did it yourself; replacing independence with absolute dependence on God. True worship has to be in truth and in spirit, otherwise, it isn't true worship.

Worship to God is not songs, neither psalms nor hymns. Worship to God is not kneeling, neither crawling nor jumping. But worship to God is the genuine expression of gratitude for who He is, done in truth and in spirit. Then, when they're completely checked to be true, they can be expressed in songs, psalms, hymns, kneeling, crawling and jumping.

But ensure you don't put the part that men will see before the part they don't see, the one which God is interested in.

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