Christian Poetry: The Fire that calls for attention

The fire was burning
 Blazing like the love of a mother
 That nothing can quench
Not even the the sin of a child
 Not even the anger of a mother 
Not even the opinion of the world
 It keeps blazing 
Yet the grass was not burning. 

Christian Poetry: The Fire that calls for attention

Oh! What a mystery? 
Was it really mysterious? 
Yes, it was. 
Just as the love of a mother can not be quench
Because it's a fire that calls for attention
And it won’t quench.

 It calls for the return of lost souls
 Attention of generations
 Generations lost in their immoralities
 Generations lost in hopelessness
 Generations lost in depression.

This fire calls the attention 
Of the generations to burn for God
Generations that burn 
And ignite others with their fire.

This fire is a consuming fire
That doesn’t consume it's carrier 
It burns like the burning bush
 That was not consume
 It draws attention not consume
 Just like it draws the attention of Moses.
 It gives power to it carrier 
Power that makes them untouchable 
Just like Moses was untouchable for Pharaoh.

This fire is Jesus 
Who causes the bush to burn 
Yet not consumed 
Fire that calls the attention of men to himself.

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