The Word of God Does Not Fail: Gospel Today Devotional - 6th March, 2023

The Lord Jesus had turned the whole place around by the mighty signs, and wonders which he did. The whole place had been influenced by his presence that men began to wonder who he was. Some began to think he was one of the prophets, others thought he was John the Baptist. They however could not deny the fact that these great signs and wonders were done by him. They were very astonished.

The Word of God Does Not Fail: Gospel Today Devotional - 6th March, 2023

King Herod heard about him as well for his name was everywhere. He then said it was John the Baptist whom he had killed. Why did he even do that? The whole issue that led to the death of John the Baptist started very much with the fact that John had told him (Herod) that it was wrong to marry his brother's wife. This was that which led to his arrest, and his death. We shall talk more about this as we continue with the study.

Today's devotional focuses on this particular story, that which happened with John the Baptist, and what lessons we are to learn from the king himself. John indeed died, but at the same time, from the side of the king, there's a lesson to learn. The anchor text is seen below:

"And the king was exceeding sorry; yet for his oath's sake, and for their sakes which sat with him, he would not reject her."*(Mark 6:26).

After John was kept in prison because he told king Herod not to marry his brother's wife, he had a great feast which was his birthday celebration. He invited many notable men. It was at the party that the daughter of Herodias(the wife of Herod's brother) danced. Before that, he had promised the young lady that he would give her anything even half of his kingdom as a reward for her dance.

It happened then that the lady danced to the satisfaction of the king. But when it was time for her to name her reward to the king, she demanded the head of John. The king however was sorry but still rewarded her, why? Because of the oath, he made to her, and for the sake of those who sat with him. He couldn't deny her the reward not because he wanted to behead John as it were but as a king, he couldn't go back on his words. He made a promise and had to fulfill it.

Doesn't this talk much about our heavenly Father? If Herod (a man)for the sake of the oath he made couldn't deny the damsel of her reward, how much more God whose words cannot fail? This calls for trust, and total dependence on the Lord, and in his word, that if he promises to do a thing, he does that which he promises to do. The Lord will fulfill his promise to you. The word of God blesses someone today. Amen.

Thought for the day: If a man can attempt to do that which he promises to do, be assured that God unlike man can not fail and would bring to pass everything he says to do. Yours is to trust him.

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