Clement's Assignment by Ilesagba Bamidele

Clement's Assignment by Ilesagba Bamidele


When God sends a man, He gives commission for every mission; He provides every support needed for the task; physically, mentally, spiritual back-up. 

Clement was given the mandate to proclaim the gospel during his holiday visit to Ipinla village (His hometown). The people were in total darkness of Idolatry. His assignment was associated with persecution, rejection, fear, rejection but in the midst of it all Jesus was Glorified.


  • Clement
  • Pa Ifaseyi (Grandpa)
  • Grandma
  • Folashade
  • Old man
  • Town Crier
  • Igbadogo (Chief priest)
  • King
  • Otun
  • Osi
  • Iyalode
  • Olori
  • Villagers


(A tall young man backing a student bag, held bread in a nylon bag entered into Pa Ifaseyi’s compound at evening. Everyone seems to be awaiting his arrival as they all burst into joyful song to welcome him) 

Everyone: Ka bo se dada lo de, a tin re ti re o, ka bo se dada lo de!
Clement: (smiling as he hugs them one after the other) Good evening grandpa! Good evening grandma!
Grandpa: Ogungbemi! Omo Ifayemi! Omo mi! How are you?
Grandma: How was your journey?
Clement: I’m fine grandpa and my journey was awesome but stressful. I’ve been on the road since morning.
Grandma: Pele oko mi,
Clement: (Turns to the third person who had been blushing) hmm…. You must be Folashade right?
Folashade: (shy) yes! I never knew you would still recognize me
Clement: You’ve not changed at all
Folashade: uhh….over 10 years! I’ve not changed?
Grandma: (interrupted) my baby is growing up oh, she’s changing
Clement: (smiles) what I really meant was that her facial appearance hasn’t change that much
Folashade: (Happy) now you’re talking. Don’t you know I have a baby face? Forever young!
Clement: Pele o baby face. (Everyone laughs)
Grandpa: Can we go inside now?
Folashade: I’ll be taking my leave now, I’m on an errand.
Grandma: (Exclaimed) so your parents sent you and you’ve been here since.
Folashade: I just wanted to witness my cousin’s arrival
Grandma: oya wa ma lo le…..start running home…
Folashade: (Leaving) I’m coming back for my bread oh
Clement: No qualms! My regards to your parents, I will pay them a visit tomorrow.
Folashade: okay
Grandpa: children of these days! (Shakes his head)
Grandma: Let’s go in my son.

(It was around 5am in the morning, the continuous sound of a gong woke clement from the local mat he had slept. From his look it was obvious he didn’t had a sound sleep)
Clement: (Grumbling) which can bell be this nah...this early morning fah…..Thank you Jesus.
(Knelt down and was about to pray. Suddenly he started hearing a loud voice)
Town crier: Kere o! Kere o! Kere o! This is to remind everyone of our annual Ipedufu festival, Men of Ipinla don’t forget your annual responsibilities to the gods. Women of Ipinla your role at the shrine should be done duly. No child is to near the shrine till the day of the festival. Lastly, no man, woman, boy or girl is to step outside before 10am starting from tomorrow till the day of ipedufu festival. May the gods accept all our sacrifices and offerings! Kere o! (Continues beating the gong)
Clement: (sigh) this is serious! Lord Jesus……. (Continues his prayer)

(Clement came out from his room to meet grandma eating)
Grandma: Oko mi ti ji! Welcome my son
Clement: (prostrates) good morning grandpa, good morning grandma
Grandpa: (Tap his back with his left hand) Gbera omo mi, stand up…..
Grandma: I didn’t want to disturb your rest that’s why I didn’t wake you for breakfast, how was your night?
Clement: thank you ma, Glory be to Jesus my night was fine………. But this is just 7am and breakfast is served already, Amala and ewedu for that matter!
Grand pa: yes o! We have to eat to prepare for the day’s tasks.
Clement: sure…….. But is this food not too heavy for breakfast? At least I brought bread yesterday with some provision, those are meant for breakfast.
Grandma: My son, how many bread want to satisfy me talk less of you and grandfather. These lifestyles you talk about only exist in the city.
Grandpa: This is how your father Ifayemi was brought up and nothing happened to him, even we that has been eating like this before him……..
Grandma: (cuts in) nothing has happened and will never happen to us!
Clement: Okay o! But grandpa, my father’s name is no longer Ifayemi and I’m not ogungbemi. I’m now Jesugbemi or you can also call me Clement, that’s the name I use at school………..
Grandpa: (cuts in) what’s wrong with children of this generation, what happened to the previous ones.
Clement: (smiles) we are now born again, we’ve receive a new life old things are gone, everything has become new. We’ve met with Jesus and he has transformed our life.
Grandma: who is this Jesus that change people names.
Clement: He is the first born of the dead; He is the son of God. All power in heaven and on earth belongs to him………….
Grandpa: Ehen……..orisa nla ni yen! So he is more powerful than Atajalata?
Clement: yes o ……….Grandpa. Every gods, powers and principalities bow at the mention of his name.
Grandma: Tell me more!
Clement: (happy) eat up your food, and then I’ll tell you more about his power and how to access him.
Grandpa: Good…… I’m interested
Clement: grandma too?
Grandma: I’m more interested.
Clement: Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus

(Clement knelt down before an old man, The man’s appearance showed that he wasn’t an ordinary man, his voice was deep as thunder and his face was shining like the sun)
Old man: my son! I have planted and prepared you for this assignment. Right from your mother’s womb, I know you, I created you, I formed you to proclaim my name. Now take this bell (brought out a bell) Replace the gong of the town crier with this bell of salvation. Arise go in my power! Fear not for I’m with you. Be courageous for I will not forsake you. (Clement collected the bell)
Clement: (gasped) it’s a dream, God what is the meaning of this dream? Holy Spirit please interpretation. (Turn to his right to see the same bell he had collected in his dream Jumped up from his mat). It’s not a dream (Terrified) Jesus! Jesus was here! “Fear not for he is with me, I should be courageous” These are His words, thank you Jesus (Gained boldness, Picked up the bell) thank you Jesus………. Thank you Jesus
(It’s around 5am the next morning, clement was seen preaching the Gospel of Jesus with the bell he had received in his encounter)
Clement: Repent! For the kingdom of God is at hand. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and life, no one can come to God expect through him. Atajalata cannot save! Only Jesus can save. Jesus loves you; accept him today as your Lord and savior. He has lived, crucified, died just for you and for me to be saved. That’s not all, He rose up the third day and he has gone to prepare a place for you and me in heaven. He his coming soon to take those who believe in him and judgment will fall upon those who reject him. Accept Jesus today; believe in him, only Jesus can save! Atajalata cannot save. Choose light over darkness! Choose freedom over darkness; accept peace, Joy, love. Jesus is the answer! Jesus saves! Repent!
(Pa Ifaseyi was sitted on his wooden chair at evening; this has actually become a routine as he would always love to stay alone enjoying the coolness of the evening. Suddenly, Igbadogo the chief priest barged into the compound looking so furious like someone who had just lost a wife to his rival)
Igbadogo: (angrily) where is he? Where is he? Bring him out!
Grandpa: (gently) where is who? Bring who out?
Igbadogo: don’t tell you know nothing about this, and if you choose to pretend, I’ll tell you myself! Where is Ifayemi’s son?
Grandpa:  oh, you mean Jesuyemi
Igbadogo: It’s you elders that says ti omode ba ge igi inu igbo, eyin agba lo mo bi ti o ma wo si. As an elderly person you know the repercussion of this act. Tell Ifayemi’s son to stop causing havoc or else he will face the consequences, he will definitely dance zaka on every market days and at Ipedufu festival …………. (This punishment alarmed grandpa as he stood up)
Grandpa: (Terrified) Igbadogo don’t do this, please I’m begging you……..
Igbadogo: warn your grandson! A word is enough for the wise (leaves)
(Clement came into the house and met his grandparents seated in the sitting room, unknown to him they were terrified)
Clement: Good evening grandpa, good evening grandma………. Ekule …….. (Walking away)
Grandpa: come back here……… you will be returning to Lagos tomorrow morning.
Clement: (shocked) but I’ve not………
Grandma: (cuts in) No but my son!
Clement: (surprise) what’s happening, what’s wrong?
Grandpa: Everything is wrong? Igabdogo was here
Clement: who is Igbadogo?
Grandpa: Igbadogo is the village chief priest. He was here to warn you against your activities in this village.
Grandma: (Softy) I don’t want to lose you ………. Mi fe fi oju sukun omo…….
Clement: (shakes head) I’m not leaving ………..
Grandpa: (turns to grandma) I said it he will be stubborn
Grandma: (knelt down in tear) please my son, you just have to leave. If anything happens to you here, how do you expect us feel or your parent and siblings at Lagos………
Clement: (cuts in) grandma nothing will happen to me by the grace of God (went closer to lift her up) stand up and wipe away those tears, I’m here on an assignment and not until I’m done, I’m not moving an itch. (Turns to grandpa) Grandpa, where is your faith? Grandma, where is your faith? You’ve accepted Jesus but it seems you still underestimate his power….
Grandpa: But we are scared! This Jesus you taught us about is……
Clement: (cuts-in) …..Is what grandpa? Don’t you believe?
Grandma: (sat down) look my son I’ve been thinking, this Jesus was born into a tribe, he worked all the stories you’ve told us in that tribe….Don’t you think he is exclusive to that tribe alone and Atajalata is exclusive to our tribe?
Clement: (Turns to Grandpa) is that your point too grandpa? Now I understand your fears.
Grandpa: Is like Jesus is a strange God that our land forbids
Clement: (sat down) Let me explain to you. (Gently) Romans 1:16 says, (he picked up the Bible at the center of the table and read) “I have complete confidence in the gospel; it is God’s power to save all who believe, first the Jews and also the Gentiles”. Jesus is for everybody not just for an ethnic group, tribe or whatsoever. He came to die for all and through him we are all put right with God through our faith in him, verse 17 proves that. So be strong and courageous, fear not because all power belongs to Jesus. (Stands up) …..and for me leaving this village, I’ll rather die doing Jesus’ will than to run away like a coward. (Leaves them to enter his room)

(The next morning clement was on the street of Ipinla as early as 5am doing his morning assignment. He rang his bell and preached the gospel as usual. Suddenly four men came to attack him, he was beaten so badly until they later carried him away)

(Clement’s grandparents at the King’s palace begging for the release of clement)
King: (furious)…..I should release him to cause more havoc?  He wants to turn the people’s heart against me; saying they should believe in another king that nobody knows his kingdom. He has insulted the gods of our land and he will surely regret. He will be punished!
Grandpa: We know he has bitten more than he can chew. Please give us another chance.
Grandma: Kabiesi please (lied down to beg) Kabiesi please have mercy on him, once he is released we will have him return to the city where he came from.
King: the only favor I can offer your family is this: Tomorrow morning, men and women of Ipinla will be at the shrine to offer their sacrifices as you both know that the festival is scheduled for that night. So we will have him brought to the shrine during the sacrifice, so that he can renounce his God publicly. By that he should be able to undo what he had planted in the heart of my people. Or else, hmmm….. (Stands up) he will be sacrificed to the gods! (Walks into his inner chamber)
Grandpa/ma: (exclaimed) ahh! Kabiesi, please…..
(Grandma started wailing and weeping as she rolls on the floor)

(At Agbadu shrine, Clement was tied to a tree before the villagers. Igbadogo the chief priest went into the shrine to perform some rituals, the King and his cabinets were all present as they all await Igbadogo to come out. Suddenly a girl ran to meet clement in tears)
Folashade: (weeping) please do whatever they say; please…..i don’t want to lose you. Your Grandparents didn’t come because they can’t stand to see you like this. I wished my parent were around, they might have assisted somehow. Please for our sake cooperate with them.
Clement: Romans 8:35-39 says “Who then can separate us from the love of Christ? Can trouble do it or hardship or persecution or hunger, poverty, danger or death. NO! As the scripture says; “for our sake we are in danger of death at all times, we are treated like sheep that are going to be slaughtered”
No! In all these things I will have complete victory through him who loved us….
Folashade: (Cries bitterly) Please…… o de jo!
Clement: (continues)…..for I am certain that nothing can separate me from his love; neither death nor life, neither angels nor other heavenly rulers or powers, neither the present nor the future, neither the world above nor the world below, there is nothing in all creation that will ever be able to separate me from the love of God which is mine through Christ Jesus our Lord. (Louder) Accept God’s love through Jesus today and be saved. Jesus loves you.
Igbadogo: (cut in) enough! We are not here to listen to your boring and senseless stories. Guards take the girl away.
(She was taken away forcefully, majority of the villagers were heart hardened against Clement only few of them were sober and showed sympathy).
King: So young man, are you ready to renounce your Jesus?
Clement: (Shouted) I will never!
King: Igbadogo! Continue the ritual process.
Igbadogo: Let me give you another chance, repeat after me; I renounce Atalajata, I accept Jesus (Clement repeat the words after him)
Villagers: Ah!
Otun: Igbadogo are you in your right senses?
Igbadogo: What happened, what did I do?
Osi: How will you tell him to renounce Atalajata and accept Jesus?
Igbadogo: (Confidently) is anything wrong with that?
Iyalode: You were supposed to say accept Jesus and renounce Atalajata
Villagers: (Echoes) Ah!
King: (Angry) what is wrong with all of you, just to say I reject Atalajata and I accept Jesus has now become a big deal
Villagers: Ah! (Everyone was stirred up because it was an abomination for the king)
Igbadogo: (Fearfully) Kabiesi what did you just say? You just denied the gods? Have you forgotten?
King: (Trembling) It……… was………a mistake (Start clearing his throat then turns into serious coughing)
Chiefs: Kabiesi o……. Kabiesi o……… (Olori tries to touch him)
Igbadogo: (Screams) Ewo! Anybody that touch him will die at that spot
(Kabiesi stops coughing but he was unable to talk. Clement began to sing)
Clement: (Singing) all power belongs to Jesus, all power belongs to him, all power belongs to Jesus, all power belongs to him.
Olori: Please save my husband………. (Crying) Kabiesi must not be like this
Igbadogo: (hardened) you know the traditions, the dos and donts. Kabiesi has uttered an abomination and there is nothing I or anyone can do about it
Clement: Jesus can do something about it. Jesus can fix it.
Osi: (Slapped him) what sort of rubbish, you still have the guts to talk…….
Otun: (Cuts in) or have you forgotten you caused it all. So tell me what you want to fix?
Igbadogo: I will give you just a minute for you to make a fool of yourself and your Jesus. After that I will then offer you as a sacrifice to the gods for they are hungry. But if this Jesus saves the Kabiesi, I will personal surrender and believe in him.
Otun: Even me too
Osi: Same here, but if you fail, you will not only be killed, your entire family will be banished from Ipinla for deceiving the entire village.
Iyalode: Yes!
Igbadogo: Guards loose him……….. Your time starts now
Clement: (in tears knelt down) Lord Jesus, thank you for this opportunity; prove your power in Ipinla village. Heal the king that people will see, know and glorify your name. Kabiesi you are healed in Jesus name!
Igbadogo: Time up!
(The king began to cough and suddenly spoke out)
Kabiesi: Jesus saves! Jesus is real! Jesus is powerful! Jesus is Lord!
Clement: Praise the Lord!
(Everyone was dumb folded, amazed and terrified. The king knelt down before Clement; the chiefs followed, the villagers did same one after the other. Finally the chief priest surrendered by kneeling down)
Kabiesi: Lead us to this Jesus, we want to know him……….
Clement: (Burst into happy songs) glory be to God in the highest, amen x2, for his mercies endureth forever, amen x2
(His grandparents and cousin came running to the scene in amazement as they join the kneeling villagers)

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  1. The lord will will never and cannot loose a battle. Victory belong to Jesus


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