The Fall of Man and Jesus’ Saving Power

It all started as pleasure in her eyes when she looked at that fruit and it was a wonder to behold in her sight. With a suggestive urge from the deceiver to reach out, pluck the fruit and eat, with the intent of forcing her to disobey the Owner.

She instantly forgot the instructions from the Owner that says, "don't touch, don't eat, for any day you eat of the fruit you shall die".

Lo and behold, she plucked the fruit and ate of it and gave to her husband too, and their eyes were opened.

Aaaah! We are naked they said, the glory is gone, the splendor of Eden is lost, the peace in their hearts is lost, at last, the dominion is lost.

And they began to seek for their own covering, sewing fig leaves together to see if they can get the glory back, but no, it's not in the leaves.

The Maker came calling, "Adam where art thou?" Guilts could not allow him to answer, he's now hiding away from his Maker, excuses, blames, guilts, could not allow him to accept his wrong.

The Enemy has entered, he has seen a space to lunch his attack on man, sickness has come, sorrow has come, mourning has come, suffering has come.

Every other little creatures are now against man. The ground has been cursed, it's yield has been cursed, man himself has been cursed too😭😭😭.

The pain is too much, the suffering is unbearable, the agony is on a rise.

Sin has increased, hatred has increased, man against himself, killing one another, wars and strife are the order of the day.

Thousands of years has past. Man has not yet recover his dominion back, the Enemy has gotten him, the Enemy now rejoice over his fall.

Has his Maker forgotten him(man), does He still love him, will He allow him to perish like this?

Oh yes He still loves him, for He looked at man in love, knowing fully well that man can't rescue himself. Out of His unconditional love, He sent His only begotten Son to die in the stead of man's death, to redeemed man from the hand of the Enemy the Deceiver.

The Maker came calling again, "Adam where art thou?". Will he answer the call now, will he cease from giving excuses, will he accept that he is the guilty one?

His Son Jesus has died, man's dominion has been restored, the dominion he longs for thousands of years ago is now in Jesus, only if he believes and accept Jesus as his Lord and personal Saviour, he will regain the dominion back.

Will thou not come to Jesus and be saved oh you man, are you still looking for a saviour to deliver you from your Enemy the Devil, are you still burden and laden with heavy loads of sins and guilts, are you struggling to be free, are you still searching for the dominion?

Reach out to Jesus today, cry out to Him, call on Him today, confess your inadequacies to Him, He is always ready to answer you, to forgive you and to cleans you from all unrighteousness. He will give you peace of mind, He will give you rest to your troubled souls.

It's just the simple step to regaining your dominion.

Jesus saves!!!


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