Christian Poetry: Unashamed of Christ

Read this piece and stay blessed.

Why should I fear or hide my beliefs?

Why stay silent on the salvation of your soul?

Why should I fear,

To be disgraced or embarrassed?

To talk about the one who saved me,

From the shackles of sins?

I will spread his word,

All over the world,

Telling about his death,

On the cross of Calvary,

For you and me.

I will stand boldly in the street corners,

Villages, towns, cities, everywhere,

Anywhere I am in the midst of people,

To talk about his saving grace.

I will carry his words,

In my heart and hand without shame,

In my heart as a light,

In my hand as my Bible.

Proclaim his awesome power,

Tell you and others his love,

His word, sufferings and resurrection.

I will not fear persecution,

Pains, Sufferings, Anguish or death.

I won't hide in close doors.

I will shout and proclaim the gospel,

I will not be ashamed to tell of his works,

To be called SU or Jesus child,

I will be unashamed to spread the good news,

Far, near, high and low.

He is not ashamed to boast of me as his child,

I will never be ashamed to tell you,

About my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


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