Why Should I Pray?

The Bible in Matthew 7:7 says "Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you"

Why Should I Pray? Photographed by Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde

But what is your reason for asking?

We all have wants and needs we desire and ask God about. 

Wrong Reasons and Motives for Praying

Here are some wrong reasons we pray.

1. Worldly Pleasure and Desires

In the book of 1st Timothy 5:6. Many people pray for enjoyment. Their prayer lives is centered on fleeting desires and pleasure. Take for example - if a brother likes a sister, he may go to God in prayer based on his liking for her and that action in itself can cloud his accurate hearing from God as to whether or not she is the right woman for him. This is a good example of praying with worldly pleasure and desires in your heart.

2. Silver and Gold (Money)

Money and wealth in itself is a pleasure and worldly desire, however we’d like to take it on a separate subject because of its popularity. According to 1st Timothy 6:10, the love of money is in itself, the root of evil. This “love of money” is the sole reason some pray. Many pray to God for riches of the world and then forget about the original intent of God in the place of prayers. Now, don’t get this wrong - God wants us to be rich and wealthy. God wants us to pray and ask Him for financial provision but if our motive for prayer is majorly bound by our financial requests from God, it is not worth it.

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3. Boasting and Pride

Many individuals pray to be known. They become prayer warriors to show and tell others how many hours and days they prayed and fasted and their journeys to mountains.

4. Problems

When christians are faced with challenges, they go to God in prayer and do all needful things to come out of the problems and after God answers them, they forget about Him.

5. Lack of Understanding

In James 1:5): Many people fall into this category. They pray because they see others praying, not because they want to do.

Few understand the rules and reasons for prayer and pray in the right way and manner and get results.

Right Reasons and Motives for Praying

If we say praying for pleasure,  then are the right reasons for prayer 

1. Communion and Fellowship

The intent of prayer is the communication between man and God

2. The Spread of the Gospel

If we channel our prayers against problems and the prayers in our hearts for the worldly desires, pleasures, money etc, we will discover that


For a wrap, ensure that you examine your life today and ask yourself about the exact reasons for your prayers. Do you pray for a right reason or for the wrong reason? Do you remember to pray because you want financial, academic, or emotional  help from God? Do you pray for a show off or in pride? Do you pray only when you have problems? Or do you pray for communion and fellowship with God?

When you examine your life and settle it out with God, make a resolve to henceforth pray with the right reasons in mind. Make a resolve to pray intentionally and choose to set your motives right. If you also want to rededicate your life to God, you can read our article here to guide you in that line. 

We pray that as a result of this article, you henceforth begin to live a fired-up prayer life in the name of Jesus.

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