If your life preaches to people, you’d never struggle with Evangelism - Inuojo Victory

Lured to God through a “get-together”, our Christian Interview series today features Victory Inuojo, who left a life of uncertainty to find his feet in God. In this interview, he shares his story of salvation, the mandate to preach the gospel of Christ and his beer parlour evangelism.

1. Can we meet you?

Guest: I am Inuojo Victory Tolulope, but I love to be called "O.O.E". I hail from Ondo State, Nigeria and I currently study French at the Adeyemi Federal University of Education, Ondo.

If Your Life Preaches to people, you’d never struggle with Evangelism - Inuojo Victory

2. How did you get saved? Kindly share your Salvation Story.

Guest: From my childhood until 2016, I was just a normal church and mummy's boy. As an instrumentalist, I was involved in programmes from one church to another. I was not focused on God and the basics of Christianity. I was just engrossed in the musical part of church. I knew Christ existed and that He died for my sins, but it was a belief without a tangible encounter. In 2017, I graduated from secondary school and stayed at home for one year. That year, I was idle, and my mind literally became the devil's workshop. I sat at home doing nothing but social media. I wasn't working or learning any craft. I had too much time for social media. This exposed me to wrong things online because I didn't know what I wanted. I felt I was like every other guy. I also made friends especially from Facebook. I recall there was a post - Aquarius Prints (this Zodaic sign thing). I won it twice (2017/2018) and it gave me access to many ladies. So many things happened from there. I never drank or smoked but a lot of things happened with the girls. This continued until I entered the university in 2019. It grew worse and I built a mentality around the fact that I was a "free guy" since I was out of my parent's roof. I believed that I could do anything I wanted. It was so bad but God in His own way, being strategic in His dealings came for me. In that period, I had some good friends around me even though I was wayward. They were not too spiritual, yet they were not wayward- they were just in between. They complained about how I womanized and each time, I always wondered why they bothered. 

My friends used to talk about a programme hosted by H.O.E (House of Encounters) and they wanted me to attend. Each time they mentioned it, I bluntly refused. This continued until one day when they lied to me that we were going for a "get-together". They told me that it would be held in a church. I felt the need to go since it was a get-together so I picked my Bible from the cupboard, dusted it and carried it along so they wouldn't think I came to eat their food alone. I honestly didn't want to go because strangely, I had multiple calls that same day. There was even a lady who wanted to visit me that same day and I wanted to botch the programme but something within me kept hitting on me to go for the programme. At some point, I was undecided and my friends got angry, saying "let us know if you're coming along or not". I finally went along.

When we got there, they had not started the programme. I decided to go downstairs and cool off. I suddenly started feeling uneasy and went to the toilet. I stayed there for over two hours till they started and went far into the programme- prayer charge, choir ministration, special ministrations, testimonies and all. I was downstairs all the while. I discovered it wasn't a "get-together" after all.

When the man of God started ministering, he drew my attention. Although I was downstairs, I could hear everything he said. After a while, I decided to go upstairs and immediately I entered the hall, I saw him - Apostle Olopade Elijah. He was handsome and even though I was a guy, I kept looking, saying "wow! This guy (Apostle Olopade Elijah) is handsome". He was also ministering with all energy and I remember that he spoke about Christ, oneness in the spirit and Marriage, the Path of Mahanaim. I sat down and listened all through the ministration. When it was time for prayer, all I know was that I prayed like I had never prayed before. I prayed so much that my friends were surprised. I don't know where that energy came from. Much later, I realised that the same way the devil uses something you like to draw your attention is the same way God could use something you like to draw your attention. Since I liked the drums (which were an expensive Yamaha model) and its sound as a drummer, I wanted to be a part of the music and so I wrote down my name to join the workforce. After the service, we introduced ourselves and then, I went to meet the man of God. I told him everything happening to me. In the course of that programme, I realized that many things I was doing were wrong. I saw the wrong sides of the things I was doing and the life I was living. He told me that he was going to meet me and he gave me his phone number because he was out of time. When I got home, I spoke with him and he explained salvation to me. He taught me the concept of life in Christ and followed me up. At first, it was so difficult but at the same time, God helped me through Apostle Olopade as I took him as a mentor and spiritual father. God also worked through my friends who supported me. I attended more believer's gatherings. I totally left the world I was in. I was involved in internet fraud and cybercrime in the past and I had to transfer everything from my account and leave that life for good. It was difficult but I did it with the help of God and the Holy Spirit. I discharged myself from many people and relationships.

One day, I was in the hostel and had just finished reading my Bible. I laid on my bed to rest and some guys were playing a football match. The substitutes for the match were discussing right beside my window. They were talking about guys who were handsome in the school. They started mentioning names and called my name. I was almost blushing when someone else replied saying "and that guy can womanize". Their discussion changed and they began to debate the issue. A higher percentage of people agreed with the fact that I was a womaniser and they started calling people to witness. Someone even said he wanted to be like the old me and I instantly felt hurt. I felt so bad that people didn't know me for something good. At that point, I vowed to never go back to that life as long God helps me. I was tired of the image I had painted and I needed a better life. With the help of my spiritual father, I have lived better. I got blessed with friends, brothers and sisters who treat me as family. I don't regret knowing Christ.

3. How did you learn the art of prayer?

Guest: When I joined the House of Encounters, I saw the way people prayed. I literally saw people blast and I wondered how much it took for them to get such praying power. In a way, prayer is a process and I could not jump into praying like that. So I started praying mechanically by attending prayer meetings. I attended some 6 hour prayer meetings and all. God helped me. Also, I had my friend (Jethro) and brother who prays for hours without getting tired. He's the eldest son in the family that adopted me. Although he is younger, we are really good friends. He explained some things to me about prayer. My spiritual father also had great impact in helping me build my prayer life. Then, I began to understand that prayers can actually do the impossible

I became curious and I wanted to know the "impossible" that prayers can do. My spiritual father asked me to look for people who were sick and begin to pray for them. It was then that I began to see that the impossible can become possible through prayers. I simply built myself in the place of prayer and began to put up requests on my status saying "if you know you are sick or know anyone who is, kindly DM".

People began to send messages. As I prayed, diseases I never imagined could get cured without medical attention were solved by the grace of God. I told my spiritual father and he further told me to build myself in the word and then I would see much more.

I was wowed. With time, I saw that by reading God's word, having deep study and a good relationship with the Holy Spirit, I was able to pray. I no longer lacked the ability to pray.

4. What do you think about relating with other people as a believer?

Guest: When I started my journey in Christ, I decided to dissociate from people involved in my old lifestyle so I'd not draw back. I withdrew and distanced myself from many people. I began to move and surround myself with people who could help my salvation. I soon began to see that there are things you'd need from people and some times, you'd get them from people who are unbelievers. I needed certain skills. It was difficult but I learnt to relate with them. I built a consciousness that "though I am in the world, I am not of the world". This allowed me to relate with them through the help of the Holy Spirit without doing what they were doing. When I understood this, it became easier to move with them. Today by the grace of God, many of them are converts and serious Christians. There was a Muslim friend of mine who was into "yahoo" with me while I was outside Christ. He met a lady who was a Christian and she took him to fellowship. He told me that he liked the lady but confessed that he was confused because she wanted him to become a Christian. With the help of the Holy spirit, I simply asked him to taste Christianity and compare with his religion. I did so with the assurance that nobody truly tastes God or sees light by stepping into Christianity and returns to darkness - except you didn't come in with all sincerity or you have not found a reason to stay. After then, we separated for a while until recently when I met him again. He's now vast and fervent in God. That showed me how merciful our God can be to an unbeliever. Relating with unbelievers should not be difficult if you have the consciousness that We are in this world but we are not of the world.

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5. You are keen on evangelism and sharing the gospel. Share an evangelism experience you'd never forget.

Guest: While growing in God, I saw the need for more labourers in the body of Christ. I started evangelism online and began to talk to people. There is an experience I will never forget. I was reading a book while traveling from Ondo to Ibadan. Before then, my spiritual father taught me the importance of Christian and motivational books among others. I was also lucky as the family that adopted me had a library. I had the perfect time to read a book in the vehicle and since it was a holiday, I had picked about four books to read at Ibadan. While I was in the bus, I picked the book "Evangelism" by Dag Howard Mills and was reading it in the bus. While reading it, a guy kept staring at me and peeping into the book. He was seating close to me so his eyes flipped through the pages with me. He could not take his eyes off and was forced to ask, "who wrote this book?

I told him the name of the author and he asked further "what do you understand by evangelism"? Then, I began to explain. It felt like a rapport between two friends. He kept asking questions while I answered. At some point, I said something and he began to cry. When I asked him, he said I mentioned a key point in his life and we talked further. I spoke to him about the solution in Christ. That was how an unintended journey into evangelism began. I concluded that was the design for his salvation and till today, he's still on track. 

I got home that week and also met some of my old friends. I noticed a gradual change in the lifestyle of one and when I inquired how those changes happened, he said "if you, Victory could change from your old ways, why shouldn't I?". He told me how he began to work towards total transformation but sadly, there was no one around to really put him through. When I learnt that, I found time to meet him properly and spoke to him with the help of the Holy Spirit and to the glory of God, he's on track in Christ. 

There was this other friend who fell sick and had to be carried about for healing. He began to hear about "Victory doing this and that" and told his parents that he was sure if I prayed for him, he'd be well. They called me and I prayed over the phone. In about four hours after which was morning, he could stand, eat and do many things he couldn't do before. Much later, he asked me how I was able to do those things. I said it was God and he probed further. I began to tell him about Christ and the "more" embedded in Christ. That's how my evangelism journey began.

6. How best do you think people can be preached to?

Guest: People can be preached to in different ways but one effective way to preach the gospel is using your life as a message. If you can live your life to please God, then you'd be able to attract men and bring them to God. Men won’t  have to struggle to reach God because your life will draw them to Him. Minister GUC would say "I am the Bible they would read. They will read me and they'd be changed". If your life preaches to people, you'd not struggle with evangelism.

Your life should preach to people. You can also engage in one-on-one evangelism via social media, writeups etc. I saw that some people don't find reading on social media interesting, so I joined a drama group (Performance of Encounters). There, I learnt that drama goes a long way in evangelising to people just like the other options I mentioned earlier. God has different dimensions to capturing hearts for His glory and one basic way is through your life. Every soul is not won the same way. Souls can be won through social media, via a phone call, text, email or any other way.

7. Recently, you organized a beer parlour invasion. How did God lead you to do that?

Guest: I had a dear uncle who died as a result of drinking. It was painful and I wish I was in Christ before his death. I'd have talked to him about Christ. He was fond of me so I was certain that he'd listen. Since I came to God, I promised to preach the gospel to drunks and got the urge to do it but was confused as to how I'd go about it. I decided to give it time and hold on to God until I went to Benin Republic. One day, Jethro (whom I mentioned earlier) began to-talk to me about going into a beer parlour that was near our house. Jethro is someone who doesn't think twice once he gets an instruction from God and he goes straight to do it. Surprisingly, he was given audience when he went to the beer parlour. He then told me that we were going to preach together the next time. I saw it as a perfect opportunity and that was a confirmation for me to move on with the beer parlour evangelism. I waited until I returned to Nigeria where I met a distant uncle of mine who was also into drinking. I still wonder how you'd know that something is hurting you and yet you'd keep doing it. I sat down and spoke with him about it. While we were discussing, someone said jokingly that I should take my uncle and his friends to a beer parlour, buy beer for them and use that as a practical. Although he said it jokingly, I knew it was another confirmation to what God wanted me to work on. That was how we took off with the Ondo Beer parlour Invasion. 

8. How did you engage evangelism to yield results from a beer parlour?

Guest: First, I had to meet people who had done something similar in the past. From their experience, they shared a few things. They talked about the need to sit with the drinkers, while drinking something too - malt or any other soft drink. Make them feel loved, be comfortable around them and God will help you speak to them. Someone also advised that for such evangelism, ensure you are filled with the word of God. You also need to pray and trust God for utterance. The evangelism team then sat to study and teach ourselves all these. We literally had to teach ourselves the word of God, pray, fast and learn the ways of drunkards so that it would be easy for us to flow. By learning their ways, you understand how they roll and know your entry point into their conversations. Like Apostle Joshua Selman would say, "borrow wisdom from the serpent" because if you don't study them, your not know how to attack or approach them. That is how we engaged evangelism to yield results from the beer parlour.

8. What's your typical day like as a believer?

Guest: When many unbelievers surround you, you just trust God to give you wisdom to relate with them. On a normal day, I make sure I don't talk too much. I just do my things on a low key. I'm usually in the midst of the noise, with people organizing everything everywhere but I cannot engage in those things because I'm an ambassador for Christ. A part of you wants to do these things but you know that your life is unto God and the life you live now, you do so through Christ in you. So, I stand differently. 

My day starts from fellowship with God (reading God's word and praying). It moves to daily routines. After classes in school, I go to my office where I serve as the departmental Vice President. I sit with my Bible and read. Sometimes, I read academic books so that nobody would disturb me. At other times, I pray or selectively gist with a few persons. Most of my discussions begin randomly and turn to Christ in the end. I gradually became your "go-to guy" for every matter about God.

Sometimes, I used to feel left out because I wasn't doing some things. But I have learnt that I cannot be involved in those things because people know that I'm on a different level with God. The consciousness of God is there. Many times, the devil tries to make life boring, but the cycle of fellowship in God and meeting people in Christ is a great joy. Every time, I'm glad that I'm Christ's Ambassador.

9. Have you experienced the supernatural? Kindly share your experience with us.

Guest: By God's grace, I have experienced the supernatural. One experience I'd never forget is the day I was walking  in Port Novo, Benin Republic and I met this woman who was in front of me. She was walking right in front of me at a distance of about ten seconds. and she suddenly moved faster than I imagined. In about two more seconds, she was far in front of me. I spoke with a friend about it and he talked about the possibility. He mentioned that there were charms that can be used for transportation. He then said that since those things were possible in the dark part of the spirit realm, then they were possible in the kingdom of light.

Another experience was a day I was not feeling too well and I wanted to attend a programme. I couldn't go but my mind was there so I began to pray inside the house. Later that day, people who attended the meeting were calling to say "thank you sir, we felt your presence" They said that they didn't know when I left and I was literally shocked. In another case, a friend called about the death of her uncle. I felt the dead was gone but she said that she had faith that he wasn’t dead. So, I asked if he was buried and she replied in the negative. I only declared on phone and it was funny how the next day, they met him awake. She called crying and I was shocked at that move. There are also times when I'd literally have no money on me and I'd just pray for miracle money which is an extension of the supernatural. One one of those times, I picked my wallet, prayed and slept. The following morning, I woke up to meet #900 which was more than enough for me to go out the next day and eat. The supernatural is very real.

10. What words do you have for the body of Christ?

Guest: Well, one thing the body of a Christ cannot afford to lose is unity. We must ensure that we are united because the devil understands the power of unity like God does. The devil still tries to attack God through His bride (the church). If we are not united, we'd always be troubled. Also, in the body of Christ,  I've been privileged to meet people with strong spiritual inclination and active gifts of the spirit. These guys can prophesy, heal the sick, raise the dead and do all kinds of miracles, signs and wonders. However, they use it in a strange manner for their exaltation. I began to understand that the gifts God has given us were in line with the duty of evangelism. Every Christian's assignment in the yard is to bring men into the life that we enjoy. We are mandated to bring men to join the army of Christ, so these gifts God has given us should be used wisely in the ministry of evangelism. God has not given us gifts to boast. He has given them to us for evangelism and to show forth signs and wonders so that the unsaved can come to Christ and not to us. The joy of your gifts is to see people in Christ and call them to genuine Christianity. Finally, I pray and hope that the church will be united and have a strong joy for evangelism.

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