Christian Drama: Obedience; Prerequisite to Divine Abundance

EPISTLE UNIT Drama Ministration (Turning scriptures into pictures)
Title: Obedience; Prerequisite to divine abundance
Text: Job 36:11, Deuteronomy 28:1-6


Beloved: Sis Eniola (ADD)
Heir (Arole): Bro Opeyemi (G-Brother's Prayo)
Firstborn: Bro Oluseye (Ruggedman)
King: Bro Prince
Angel of Order: Bro Adedayo (G-Elder)
Ayanfe: Sis Miriam
Chosen: Bro Stanley Olorunfemi


Curtain: Bro Matthew, Bro kunle (G-Middle)
Costume: Sis Blessing, Bro Ebiye
Light: Sis Ayomide, Sis Goodness
Sound: Sis Praise, Bro David
Makeup: Sis Chioma
Script Summary: Sis Chiamaka
Stage Manager: Sis Mercy
Director: Bro Oluseye
Videography/photography: Bro Adeniyi
Scene 1
(4 Pilgrims on a journey to discover the kingdom of God enter the stage)
Heir: We have been walking tirelessly, looking for the city whose builder is God. When will we sit with the firstborn in glory? I can see the glory from afar, but now everything is looking dry and nothing is happening here. I am hungry, and we can't even eat the kind of food we want.
(Looks up soberly)
Ayanfe: Heir! Joint-heir! don't you know that as it seems, we are sojourners here and we are actually in glory. Just like our brothers Daniel, Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego did. They denied themselves and chose to eat vegetables rather than the king's delicacies. They stayed consecrated and ended in glory. See, in this assignment of seeking the kingdom of Oba awon Oba (King of kings), all the other things you're looking for will run after you. So it's better you stay close to this manual (Points to the Bible in his hands)
Beloved: Exactly, Ayanfe the firstborn gave us His word so that we won't walk in error.
See, it's better to start the assignment Alagbara nla, the king of Glory has sent us o. Time is not on our side
Chosen: My brothers and sister, I am so certain that all we are doing is not without reward and all the promises Awimayehun, the God that says and does it, will come to pass. I know with God all things are possible, let's launch out in Faith. if we perish, we perish…
Scene 2
(The angel of Order meets the firstborn who is standing in front of the closed curtain, waiting to receive his brothers and sisters)
Angel of Order: Firstborn, first among many brethren, the banquet is set. The crowns are ready. Everything is set but where are the kings and the priests? Where are the pilgrims? where are your brothers and sisters? I have my eye on them day and night so that they won't be wounded but be without blemish and presentable.
(Firstborn smiled as He shifted his gaze towards the angel of Order)
Firstborn: Weldone. They are coming. They are coming in their numbers (he smiled lightly). I want them to use the divine resources in them well even those places I placed them. As they look for this great kingdom,I have told them to occupy their space well,if they do, they'll be prosperous and not come alone…
Scene 3
(In reality, Sis Beloved is seen praying as the curtain opens)
Sis Beloved: Lord, I pray for the nations. I ask that there be many that will fall in love with you today. I know you have made me influential. I am nothing without you. You're the real CEO Lord
I will stay! I will stay faithful to this assignment Jesus
(Prays a little and calls Bro Arole)

Hello, Bro Arole, How are you doing over there?
I heard you're currently in Nigeria…
(Underground voice of bro Arole is heard)
Bro Arole: God has been faithful. Discipleship classes is ongoing currently for all the secondary school students in the entire land of Ebonyi. Sincerely it pays to serve God. By God's grace I'm going to Australia to preach, disciple men who can also disciple men.
Sis Beloved: Wow! I'm so glad to hear this good news. I am also going for a business summit in Europe next week for young entrepreneurs day. It is true that when you seek after God's kingdom, all other things will follow. God's word is complete.
Bro Arole: Very very complete. I also heard about Bro Ayanfe and Bro Chosen's exploits in God too. They are doing perfectly well. In Jesus is our reward and he has handed the riches of the gentiles to our hand. He's gracious and kind
(Both said hallelujah as the call ends)
Scene 4
(Curtain opens on the banquet scene where many people followed each ambassador)
Chosen: Hey! See the firstborn! See Jesus! See Olori ebi,our Master, our instructor,
(With a teary eyes they looked up as they sight the firstborn and mutter the names after chosen,they moved to the event venue to greet the firstborn)
Firstborn: I am so delighted to see all of you. You have all done well. I sent you into this mission with little. You launched out in Faith, left your families, houses, ambitions and even your life to do the Father's will. You have abased and decreased that I can be seen in all your doings. Your reward is much.
Come and see your mansion and your crowns.
There's is no man that obeys me and goes unrewarded.
(He turns to beloved)
Beloved, your assignment to pray for the nations was responsible for the opening of nations for your brothers and sisters
Come, come and dine with me, even my Father and your Father is coming to dine with us.
(The king enters in His majesty. Every one looks at Him with awe)
Angel of Order: All hail the King of Glory. The Eternal one, Oba awon Oba
(They all bow in worship and sing a Holy song)
Worthy, you're worthy king of kings, Lord of lord's…
The end
Words after
What is the Lord laying in your heart as a pilgrim? Is it a kind of fast, prayer for the saint?
In any area of influence you are: Education, Family, entertainment, Government…how effective is your service to the king of Glory?

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