Why is the woman the only one caught in adultery?

According to the Bible, it is commanded that you must not commit adultery. This commandment is for both genders, and the Jewish laws give a penalty for such an act. The penalty is that such a person should be stoned to death.

Two people committed adultery, but In the book of John, chapter 8, verse 3, the woman was the only one that was said to have been caught in the act of adultery. It takes two to tango, and the act would not have been called adultery if a man was not involved.

Adultery is defined as sexual intercourse by a married person with someone other than their spouse. If two people commit the sin of adultery, it's expected that both should be punished. That is not what happened in this case.

It was clearly obvious that the judgement was biased. It favoured the man; it was more like it was not a sin for a man caught in that act. Society at large will raise a brow when a woman is caught committing adultery. Such a woman is sometimes sent packing by her family as well as her husband. It is seen as an abomination.

However, if a man is caught in the act of adultery, the society that is against the woman would give him reason for committing such an act. Some might say, "Maybe the woman is now depriving her husband of sexual pleasures." Some call them "mistakes." Others claim it is the "Devil."

I'm not trying to justify what the woman did. The fact that she was the only one caught in the act does not mean she has committed fewer sins. The fact remains that she is also wrong.

Moreover, a woman of value would not be found committing such an act. I cannot erase the fact that temptation might come in such an area, but when the woman realizes what she represents, how she is seen thereafter, and that dignity is also at stake on the table of adultery, I believe such a woman should be able to consider all these before committing such an act.

A woman is seen as a priceless gift that should not be involved in things that are not glorifying. If the law of society does not support women, I think that should make women see how valuable they are and work towards maintaining that value.

If you treat yourself as a valuable possession, then people will treat you as such. If you treat yourself as a worthless possession, you can be treated in any way by anyone.

To balance all that is said, it is equally wrong if a woman is single-handedly punished for an act of adultery when a man was part of such an act. Both should be equally punished. The way people frown at a woman who commits adultery is the same way an eyebrow should be raised when a man commits such an act.

In conclusion, the law is not needed if a crime is not committed. A woman would not be judged for committing adultery if such an act was not committed. A woman who hates one-sided judgement should not commit such an act that brings biased judgement. Always remember that you're priceless, so treat yourself as one.


© Oluwadamilola Ajayi.




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