How to Fight the Fear of Starting

As believers, God can send us on errands and assignments in the course of establishing His kingdom here on earth. In starting whatsoever assignment God has called you to, you must understand that Pioneering is brutal! 😩 And also exhilarating! Your decision to Launching anything that would advance the gospel would will be met with great spiritual resistance and harassment, but WHEW!

In the span of 2 months, while encountering SOOOOOOO many signs and miracles, I have also had 4 house appliances break, my lawn mower break, my weed eater break, all 3 four wheelers break, a tree fell on my basketball goal and crashed it to the ground, some personal family issues, and a young man ran into the gate of my home, doing $18,000 of damage to it (thankfully his insurance paid for that one).

It's been enough to make me want to tuck tail and run so that Satan doesn't notice me, but I know God built me to be a woman of RESILIENCE who learns how to GROW from setbacks instead of let them break me. Anybody relate? 

Here are some ways I am growing as a woman and a pioneer:

🪴I have determined in my heart to focus on solutions, not problems. 

🪴I have determined to stop downsizing the dreams God has given me. I will expect, pray for, and work toward partnering with Him in making those dreams come to pass. Being a woman is not a handicap. Being single is not a handicap. These are strengths (i.e. perceived weaknesses in which God delights to show Himself strong). 

🪴I have determined to choose COURAGE over fear. We all have fears lurking around our heads, but we don't have to bow to fear. 

🪴I have determined to take DAILY action in the direction of the vision God has given me. The big picture can be too overwhelming, but daily actions are not. 
I hope these principles are an encouragement to you today in all that you are encountering as well.

We could really use your support during this pivotal launch phase of House For Him! ❤️‍🔥  We are purchasing new video and audio equipment and praying for sufficient funds for our monthly operating budget.

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