Christian Drama: Forgiveness; A Path to Healing and Reconciliation


Drama Title: Forgiveness; A Path to Healing and Reconciliation

Text: Matthew 18:21- 35, Ephesians 4:31-32


  • Narrator/King: Bro Samuel Adekunle (GDD)
  • Servant 1: Bro Ayotola Oluseye (Ruggedman)
  • Servant 2: Bro Olorunfemi Stanley
  • Police officers: Bro David Ibimodi (Issachar Papei), Sis Opeyemi Sarah (Fin Sec)


Curtains: Bro Ayodele Adeniyi, Bro Victor, Bro Prince Oyakhilome
Lighting: Sis. Biola (G-Bobo)
Stage Manager: Bro Joel Fayokunmi
Sound: Sis. Miriam
Costume: Sis. Rachael and Sis. Mercy
Makeup: Sis. Rachael and Sis. Chioma

Directors: Bro Olatunji, Sis. Eniola Ruth (ADD) and Sis A.Y (A-Chief)

Act 1 Scene 1

King/Narrator: You remember the Lord's Prayer? Let's say it together (Recites with the audience … The Narrator stops the audience at the line that says "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us"…)

Let's pause there!

You see that line says "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us", let's dissect it. What does it mean to you? Look at your neighbour. Remember your roommate. Remember that day in the kitchen or two weeks ago when you went to your PPA. Remember that sister who used the bathroom and did not flush. What about the brother that drank your garri without telling you? The sister that took your slippers? Remember that Jesus truly paid for it abi? And you know how annoying it can be?

King/Narrator: Now, with all these, how can you truly give forgiveness from your heart? How?…. Well, That's my story which you are about to see.

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King/Narrator: A long time ago, I hired a man to work in my kingdom. He worked for a long time until I called him to give account of my empire in his care. I simply wanted to settle accounts with him

(Servant 1, dressed as a servant, approaches the king with a bag of gold coins.)

Servant 1: Your Majesty, I owe you ten thousand bags of gold. But I don't have it all at this time. In the course of this business you have sent me, my sins are countless and if I have to pay for them, my blood will not be enough. I seek your mercy and forgiveness, great one

King: (angered) You owe me so much, yet you can't pay? You embarked on this journey with full riches and all you bring to me are crumbs, and filthy items?

Servant 1: (pleading) Please, have mercy on me. I will repay everything, I promise!

(King, moved by mercy, forgives Servant 1's debt.)

King: (smiling) I forgive you. Go, in peace and sin no more for your debt is wiped clean. Also, just as I have forgiven you, do unto others in same manner.

(Servant 1 is overjoyed and exits.)

Act 2 Scene 1

(The narrator shifts to one end of the stage as the lights come back on to show the new act)

Narrator:(Continuing) But then, that same servant went out and found a fellow servant who owed him a hundred silver coins.

(Servant 2 approaches Servant 1.)

Servant 2:(Nervous) Please, have mercy on me. I will repay you, I promise! (He begins to apologise like servant 1 did)

(Servant 1, despite being forgiven, refuses to forgive Servant 2, calls the police and throws servant 2 into prison.)

Narrator: Like what you see here, the servant who was forgiven so much should have shown the same forgiveness to his fellow servant. The kingdom of God is as simple as this - If you don't forgive others, you won't be forgiven.

Forgiveness can mend the deepest wounds. It brings healing to your heart and draws you closer to the father…

(Narrator talks more about forgiveness in line with the topic and anchor scripture and leads the audience in a prayer of forgiveness)

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