Christian Drama: More than Conquerors

Drama Night
Title: More than Conquerors
Text: John 16:33; 1 John 4:4


Narrator - Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde
Chinedu - Ayodele Adeniyi
Devil - David Ibimodi
Femi - Joel Oluwafayokunmi


Curtains: Bro Victor, Bro Prince Oyakhilome and Sis. Rossy
Light: Sis. Mercy
Sound: Sis Ayomide (A-chief)
Stage Manager: Sis Eniola

Director: Mudasiru Eniola Ruth

Scene 1

War sounds are heard in the background. Narrator shouts from backstage “Olorun Epistle, Fara han bi jagun jagun”

Scene 2

Chinedu is seen on stage fighting a spirit. He has the upper hand in this scene. The devil groans and reacts as the beating gets tougher with time.

Chinedu: You think you can see my end? Never! I have got the full victory in Christ Jesus! I'm fighting from my place of victory and you devil (hits harder)… You devil, have no place in my life. I have won this battle in Jesus' name…

Devil: (struggling to get up until he finally does) See, you cannot win this battle. You dare cross this line and see how I'd deal with you. Try it and see…

Chinedu: Which useless line? (Crosses the line). I ask again… Which useless line? (Continues to beat the devil) I have told you to accept defeat because I have won this battle, but you are stubborn and you will suffer greatly for this (continues beating him endlessly…)

Devil: (panting heavily) See, I surrender. Let's talk about this. I promise not to bring this battle to your face any longer. (Tries approaching Chinedu) I want us to strike a deal so you don't finish me here…

Chinedu: I have no reason to negotiate with you. Because I have Jesus, I've won the battle once and for all.

Devil: I know you don't want to negotiate, but either ways, my eyes are on you. I only need one simple loophole. I'm bringing the battle to your gates… to your family… to your finances… to your career… to everything that pertains to you. Just one loophole and the battle will swallow you. Just one… You will see the battle right before you…

Chinedu: What battle? If you bring any battle, it is dead on arrival. It is completely finished… ( Begins to chase the devil till they exit the stage…)

Scene 2

Chinedu wakes up from the dream and engages in a conversation with his roommate.

Chinedu: (yawning loudly) Oh my God! So it's a dream? Wow! Thank you very much for the victory oh Lord…. 

Femi: (looking interested and unplugs his earphones)… Chi Chi! How far? Wetin happen? You sound like you woke up from a dream…

Chinedu: Yes… I had a dream where I was battling with the enemy. He was raising a battle against my family, finances, relationship and everything. I'm just glad I overcame the devil because it was a really tough fight

Femi: That's really serious. But come to think of it… I hope these battles are not coming as a result of an error from your end? I know that God has truly saved you and that you have total victory in Christ, but you must be sure that there is no error in your life. You see, a soldier makes sure that there is no attachment to himself that can make him lose the battle. If a soldier attaches a bomb to himself in the wrong manner, it will explode, killing the soldier. At the same time, if the soldier tries to fight the battle without the instructions from the War Lord, he fights on his own… so ensure that you're not fighting this battle on your own. Ensure you're fighting with the Lord by your side, leading you on in battle…

Chinedu: Thank you very much my brother. I'm really grateful for the kind words…
(Curtain closes)

Scene 3

Again, Chinedu is seen on stage fighting a spirit. He is the afflicted party in this scene. The spirit is in charge at this time.

Chinedu: I have messed up and taken the Victory I have in Christ for granted. I didn't take note of Femi's words and that's the reason why you have this control over me…

Devil: I warned you! I warned you expressly. I brought my deal and asked that we negotiate. You know that this battle is not for the weak and frail hearted. You know that I will always come looking for a leakage in your house through which I can make you lose out. I am against the victory that your Christ won on the cross and as well, I am against every other form of victory you may want to claim - maritally, financially, career wise, think of anything. It is my joy that you fight wars endlessly so I make you trivialize the power of your God and cause you to turn your back on Him. (Laughs)

(Prepares to leave) I'm leaving now but I'd be back to raise a new battle in your life and war it till I win. Let's see if your God will save you. As for the loophole in your life, I've ordered my fellow agents to widen the entry point… That way, when I bring new battles, I can enter with much more ease (laughs)… I'm coming… and that's for you too (points at the audience)

Chinedu: Ah! I'm in severe pains. This time, you have attacked my health and I've lost the battle to you. But let it not be heard that God will leave me like this… Let it not be heard that I will lose this battle. God, please show up as the mighty man of war and help me war in Victory! Lord help me

(Curtain closes)


You are Jehovah (2x)
You are the mighty man in battle
You are Jehovah
You are the mighty man of war
You are Jehovah

Jehovah is your name (2x)
Mighty warrior Great in battle
Jehovah is your name

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