How to Raise Kingdom Children in Kingdom Families

There is nothing more rewarding than getting to change lives ALONGSIDE your very own children. 
Serving Christ and others with my children is such a rich reward, and it's something I am passionate about helping families experience. Unfortunately, there seems to be a vacuum in the earth of homes and families where God's Presence abides and where He is the most honored Guest. 
The earth desperately needs more Kingdom families who know how to love and serve well together as a team. 
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Sometimes parents ask me, "How do I achieve this with my family?" 
Here are some of my best, most heartfelt tips for you. ⬇️

1. Learn to say "no" - ALOT! One of the greatest competitors to family cohesiveness is busyness. For a 20 year season, as my children were developing, and I was homeschooling them, I said "no" to almost everything other than things I could do with them right by my side. We served special needs children together. We prayed at abortion clinics together. They helped mommy do musical fundraisers for crisis pregnancy centers. We did it all TOGETHER, or I didn't do it. Full stop! 

How will they learn to minister, when you are always LEAVING them to minister? Why would they want to? 🤷🏼‍♀️ This is not the advice most want to hear, but it is in my observation, one of the biggest reasons my children LOVE the ministry to this day. 

2. Learn to let them go when they are older. Don't try to force family ministry when it's time for them to spread their wings and fly. Some will stay. Some will go to Africa or move to another state. They have to learn to hear God's voice on their own and accept the consequences of transitions they choose to make (whether it works out great or not). They have to be allowed the freedom to develop their own private history in God.

3. As they mature, learn to listen to their feedback and input. Let them see how much you value their voice and their ability to hear God. Give them increasing levels of leadership and responsibility in ministry (even if you know you could do it better), so that they receive the training they need to grow.

I made so many tweaks to last week's @houseforhim_ intensive based on the recommendations of my children. A listening culture is a thriving culture. Call family meetings. Ask for their feedback. Implement their strategies and give them skin in the Kingdom game. My children have a huge seat at the table in my life.

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