October 13: Today in Christian History

October 13: Today in Christian History

October 13, 1247

A vial of “Christ’s blood,” stamped with official seals, is imported into England to shouts of acclaim from the king and crowds.

October 13, 1307

Philip IV the Fair arrests all Templars of France without warning and has them tortured. He hopes to force them to incriminate themselves so that he can confiscate their wealth.

October 13, 1605

Death of Theodore Beza, a French-born theologian, who had been widely recognized as Calvin’s successor.

October 13, 1706

Murder of the Coptic king Iyasu I of Ethiopia. He had been a successful warrior, a conciliator of religious differences, and a great builder of churches.

October 13, 1799 

 A party of new missionaries arrived in India to join with William Carey. Among the new arrivals are Joshua and Hannah Marshman with their three children and a single man, William Ward.

October 13, 1836

Theodore Fliedner opens his first deaconess training center, at Kaiserswerth. Among those who will be trained there is Florence Nightingale, the “Lady with a Lamp.”

October 13, 1877

English hymnwriter Frances Havergal writes the words to the hymn “Who Is on the Lord’s Side?”

October 13, 1908

The Church of the Nazarene organizes in Texas.

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