October 24: Today in Christian History

October 24: Today in Christian History

October 24, 1126

Consecration of the stone church of St. Paul and St. Peter at Armagh, Ireland, at the monastery founded by Imar O’Hagan.

October 24, 1223

Pope Gregory IX instructs cruel inquisitor Conrad of Marburg “Punish if you will the wicked and perverse, but see that no innocent person suffers at your hands.”

October 24, 1260

France's Chartres Cathedral, the purest example of Gothic architecture, is consecrated.

October 24, 1528

A tract by Lutheran reformer Johann Brenz against persecution of Anabaptists becomes available. Brenz was a strong defender of persecuted minorities and preferred to see people won by kindness rather than forced by cruelty.

October 24, 1641

English Parliament takes up a bill which will exclude bishops from the House of Lords and remove the clergy from the Commission of the Peace and other positions of governmental authority. Owing to the troubled times, the bill will pass, and King Charles will sign it at the plea of his frightened wife.

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October 24, 1648

The Peace of Westphalia ends central Europe's Thirty Years War. Extending equal political rights to Catholics and Protestants (including religious minorities), the peace treaties also marked the first use of the term "secularization" (in discussing some church property that was to be distributed among the warring parties).

October 24, 1773

Death of fifteen-year-old John of Monemvasia (a town on a Grecian island), after suffering two days from a stab wound given because he refused to convert to Islam.

October 24, 1866

Gerard Manley Hopkins, having left the Church of England, is received into the Roman Catholic church. He becomes a Jesuit priest who works in the slums. After the posthumous publication of his poems, he will be acclaimed as a poet. 

October 24, 1869 

Scottish Presbyterian missionary John Paton held the first Communion service on the small island of Aniwa (part of what is now Vanuatu). Paton eventually saw all the islanders on Aniwa become at least nominally Christian.

October 24, 1961

Christian political prisoner Armando Valladares and some of his companions escape from a Cuban prison but are soon recaptured because their rescuers fail to take the plan seriously and do not show up.

October 24, 1990

Death of Matilda Schmidt Epp, wife of Theodore H. Epp, the voice of Back to the Bible. She was a soul-winner, Bible teacher, and role model to women apart from the work of her better-known husband.

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