October 7: Today in Christian History

October 7: Today in Christian History

October 7, 1405

Jean de Gerson preaches a powerful sermon before the King of France, rebuking the treatment of the poor. Considered reform-minded, he will nonetheless join in condemning reformer Jan Hus at Constance.

October 7, 1571

Don Juan of Austria defeats the Turkish fleet at Lepanto.

October 7, 1747

Sudden and unexpected death of Jonathan Dickinson, the first president of Princeton and the main instigator in its creation. He had sided with the revival movement sweeping America in the mid-eighteenth century.

October 7, 1772

Death of John Woolman, an American Quaker. He had traveled through the thirteen American colonies preaching against the draft, taxes for military equipment, ill treatment of Indians, and slavery. His simple life and godly writings earned him great respect.

October 7, 1787

Death of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, patriarch of Lutheranism in North America. He had written a unified liturgy for America’s Lutherans and founded the North America’s first Lutheran synod.

October 7, 1796

Death in Glasgow, Scotland, of Thomas Reid, a parish minister, who is considered a father of commonsense philosophy because of his contributions to the understanding of how people learn through their five senses.

October 7, 1817

Samuel Leigh, Methodist missionary to Australia, opens the first Methodist church built in Australia, the work of John Lees, a farmer. It will form one preaching place on a thirteen-stop circuit that Leigh will establish.

October 7, 1830

George Muller, a leader in the Plymouth Brethren movement and founder of Christian orphanages, weds Mary Groves, the sister of another Brethren leader. In lieu of a honeymoon, the couple set off the next day to, in George's words, "work for the Lord."

October 7, 1857

Spurgeon preaches to his largest congregation ever, more than twenty-three thousand, at the Crystal Palace.

October 7, 1873 

Southern Baptist missionary hero Lottie Moon reached China. Later, she would write: "If I had a thousand lives, I would give them all for the women of China."

October 7, 1887

Death of George J. Webb, American organist and composer, who wrote the music for “Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus.”

October 7, 1917

Chinese Christians in Shanghai dedicate a new church in which Cantonese will be spoken. It has a medical dispensary for the poor, a Sunday school, a Christian Endeavor Society for youth, and other church activities.

October 7, 1925

Death of Jonah of Manchuria, who as bishop founded an orphanage, fed the needy, provided medical care, created a library, and founded a school for five hundred children.

7 October: Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

Known for centuries as the Feast of “Our Lady of Victory,” this day takes place in honor of a naval victory which secured European Christendom against Turkish invasion in 1571.

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