November 3: Today in Christian History

November 3: Today in Christian History

November 3, 753

Death of Pirminius, the first Abbot of Reichenau, Germany. He left some of the earliest evidence for the present form of the Apostles’ Creed.

November 3, 1523

Simeon Stumpf is deprived of his parish in Zurich and will be exiled the following month. With Conrad Grebel he had called for complete abolition of the mass. The Zurich town council had said it should be left up to each priest.

November 3, 1534

The British Parliament passes the Act of Supremacy, officially making England Protestant and putting the English monarch at the head of the nation's church

November 3, 1600

Richard Hooker, an Anglican rector whose book Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity is a classic on the relationship between church and state, dies in England.

November 3, 1631

John Eliot arrives in Boston, Massachussets. He was the first Protestant minister to dedicate himself to the conversion of native Americans to Christianity.

November 3, 1783

Robert Raikes publishes a letter on the success of his Sunday schools in the Gloucester Journal which is seen by William Fox, who promotes a national Sunday school movement.

November 3, 1784 

Thomas Coke landed in New York with instructions from John Wesley to ordain the first elders and bishops for the Methodist movement in the U.S. One of the first to be ordained was Francis Asbury.

November 3, 1805

A painter defaces the statue of King William III in Dublin. The statue is hated by Catholics because William had secured Ireland for Protestantism, and hated by Protestant students because the rump of its horse faces their university. The culprit will never be apprehended. In 1928 the statue will be blown up.

November 3, 1818

Pliny Fisk sets sail for Palestine aboard the Sally Ann. Ordained by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Fisk became the first American missionary to journey to the Near East.

November 3, 1869

Isabella Thoburn sails with Clara Swain from Boston harbor for India, where she will found a school for women.

November 3, 1917

Death of Canadian Methodist Albert Carman, the last and greatest of the holiness Methodist leaders in Canada. He had broken a hip some time before and never recovered.

November 3, 1929

An Orthodox Priest, Alexander Vasilyevich Nikulin, who was serving in the village of Bolshaya Sosnova was arrested “for anti-Soviet agitation,” and was later sentenced to three years in the prison camps. After his released he serves churches secretly despite a warrant for his arrest.

November 3, 1946

E. E. Zachary organizes the first Australian Church of the Nazarene (in Sydney with 20 charter members).

November 3, 1960

Lutheran bishops prepare The Christian in the DNR to show Lutherans how to live under communism with obedience but without violating their consciences.

November 3, 1970

Death of Charles Chidongo Chinula, a pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Malawi, who had translated Pilgrim’s Progress into the Tumbuka language. He had been expelled from the Presbyterian church for his combative spirit and founded a “Free Church,” but eventually rejoined the Presbyterians, deploring the schism he had caused.

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