December 12: Today in Christian History

December 12, 1199

Because Philip Augustus has taken  a second wife without properly divorcing his first, Pope Innocent III lays the entire nation of France under an interdict that goes into effect the 12 January 1200 and lasts until 7 September, when Philip will divest himself of the unlawful second wife.

December 12, 1666

The Council of Moscow deposes Russian Orthodox Patriarch Nikon, whose autocratic ways and liturgical reforms had resulted in strife between church and state.

December 12, 1733

Ordination of Stephen Parker, Ebenezer Hinsdell, and Joseph Seccombe at Old South Church in Boston to be missionaries to the American Indians.

December 12, 1739

Death at Marienborn of Anna Schindler Dober who, with Anna Nitschmann, had formed the  band of unmarried sisters at Herrnhut, the Moravian center. She also wrote hymns and, following her marriage to Bishop Dober, labored beside him to convert Jews.

December 12, 1907

Evangelist William Durham acquires the property for his North Avenue Mission in Chicago. His Pentecostal meetings will be well attended and will often run all night.

December 12, 1931

Ordination in Basutoland of its first Black African Roman Catholic priest, Raphael Mohasi.

December 12, 1971

Ordination of Ezekiel Ogunniran Oyatumo in the Nigerian Baptist Convention. Because he was in his twenties before he was able to obtain regular schooling, he had been taunted by younger students. Nonetheless, through hard work and persistence he will become one of the most notable pastors in Nigeria, a prayer warrior, and a defender of conservative values. His church will grow steadily and he will write several books, including a history of the Nigerian Baptists.


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