December 15: Today in Christian History

December 15: Today in Christian History

December 15, 340

Eusebius (not to be confused with historian Eusebius of Caesarea) becomes the first bishop of Vercelli, Italy, receiving his consecration from Pope Julius I. He will be influential in having the Nicene Creed restored throughout the empire.

December 15, 1543

Geneva’s Council recommends Sebastian Castellio’s appointment as preacher. He is one of the few Genevan clergy who will visit plague victims during the epidemic that year.

December 15, 1727

In his first official act as a bishop, Count Nicholas von Zinzendorf ordains Peter Bohler.

December 15, 1791

The United States Bill of Rights is ratified, guaranteeing freedom of religion among other liberties.

December 15, 1810

Sudden death of Sarah Trimmer at Brentford. She was notable as a teacher and author of children’s works (especially Fabulous Histories, also known as Story of the Robins), magazine articles, and serious Christian books.

December 15, 1811

Death in Cape Town of missionary-physician Johannes Van Der Kemp.

December 15, 1870

African-American Methodists from eight local conferences meet in Jackson, Tennessee. They will found the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church.

December 15, 1926

Death at Oxford, England, of hymnwriter Sarah Doudney. Her best-known hymns were “The Christian’s Good Night” and “The Master Hath Come.”

December 15, 2011

Saudi Arabians arrest thirty-five Ethiopian Christians for praying in Jeddeh but charge them with meeting in a mixed company of men and women. They strip the women and search their body cavities. The Christians will be imprisoned several months until deported back to Ethiopia.

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