How to Fire up your Passion as a Believer

When the Devil can not kill the VISION, what He reduces is PASSION. When you have vision and you got to a point where you say "what's happening, I have put in effort and nothing is working out".... Satan is reducing PASSION! He will bring people in your life, when they enter your life, they come to distract you. He will bring people to you, who will tell you it can not be done. They come with a negative mindset, they come with a mindset of impossibility. Many men and women have fallen by the way side because the devil reduced their passion. --Apostle Johnson Suleman 

It's Forbidden To Claim These 3 Things: 1. You Know All 2. You Hear All 3. You See All Pretend Asif You Are Ignorant Of These 3, In Most Times. Remain silent and notice everything.

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