Unforgiveness: Hindrance to Divine Abundance


Drama Night Title: Unforgiveness- Hindrance to divine abundance
Text: Mark 11:25, Colossians 3:13,Matthew 6:14-15


Chidera: Sis Dolapo
Mama Chidera: Sis Ayomide (A-Chief)
Papa Chidera:
Gloria: Sis Rachael
Jasper: Bro David Ibimodi (Issachar Papae)
Bottle: Bro Ayotola Oluseye (Ruggedman)
Pastor Mrs: Sis Eniola Mudasiru Ruth


Curtains: Bro Blessing and Ajadi Moses
Makeup and Sound: Oluwafemi Faith
Costume: Sis Rachael and Sis Faith
Light: Sis Ogar Praise
Excerpt: Rossy and Olutoto Fayokunmi
Videography and Photography: Bro Adekanmi Adeniyi (Publo)


Drama opens with a phone conversation.
Chidera: Pastor, I don’t know how I will be able to forgive these people. Everyone around me has wronged me. It is difficult
Pastor Mrs: Chidera, I know it’s difficult, but you have to allow God help you. That’s the only way you can access the many good things God has in store for you. If you hold these people in your heart, you will not have any space at all for the abundant love, joy, peace and mercy which God is bringing your way…
Chidera: Hmmm
Pastor Mrs: You know what? Let me wrap up with what I’m doing at the office. I will join you at home soon.
Chidera: Okay ma. Thank you very much ma.


The stage opens to a living room with Chidera and her parents…
Chidera: Papa, I’m sorry.
Papa Chidera: Sorry kwa? What will that do? From today, I disown you! young Woman! It is not in my house that you will become a spoilt child. You are not the first child I will train, and if you take a good look at your siblings, you will know that once you refuse to do my bidding, I will deal with you (turns to Mama Chidera) Look at your daughter. Just look at your daughter ehn… like mother like daughter…
Mama Chidera: You see your life? Our people say a good child belongs to the father and the bad child belongs to the mother… see what you have made out of your life? (Proceeds to beat Chidera) Where you go carry belle Chichi? Who give you belle ooooh?
Papa Chidera: Just imagine! I was just speaking with Okon… a very fine man who you’re supposed to get married to. If you see the beautiful wristwatch he bought for me… and then you’re telling me that you’re pregnant for one fool…. Hehehehe! I will never forgive you for this and I mean it when I say I disown you! Pack your things and leave this house now!
Mama Chidera: (Tries to persuade her husband) Papa Chidera, abeg.. those words are too heavy. Let’s be calming down oh

Papa Chidera: Mama Chidera, Which words are heavy? Ehn? Oooh! Or you want to pack out with her abi? If I come back and meet you here, I will blow your heads with my gun. You will know why they call me “The General”. Shey your heads are glued together abi? Just let me meet you here (he storms out)… Hey, where is my gun?…
Mama Chidera: Oya, oya… stand up and leave now oh. You see your father is angry. At least don’t let him meet you here ehn..  He no dey forgive at all… In my life, I have seen him kill 6 people. Don’t be the seventh oh…. Hurry up and let’s see if we can talk it later…
(They hear gun shots from the background with Papa Chidera shouting … “Are you still there? Person go greet baba God today”

Scene 2

Chidera moves in to her friend’s house. She narrates her ordeal.
Chidera: (running into the house) Gloria! Gloria oh! Abeg, give me water.
Gloria: Water ke? Wetin happen? (Rushes to bring the water)
Chidera: (settling to drink) See my friend, it’s my father oh. They don finally chase me comot the house like this.
Gloria: (shocked) It’s a lie! Ah! How come?
Chidera: (crying) They found out that I was pregnant…
Gloria: (rolls around) Oooooh! How come na. How? Didn’t you use that technique I told you about?
Chidera: (frowning) Which useless technique? Something that didn’t work? Abeg get out jare
Gloria: Oya calm down ehn… it’s okay. I know what to do. Let’s go somewhere good so you can cool your head. Forget all that your father said. Na wash. He can’t disown you.
Chidera: (wiping her tears) You’re sure? Ehn
Gloria: Have I ever lied to you before? He will not disown you. He was just joking. Let’s go and clear head small jare…

Scene 3

The stage opens to a bar scene. Chidera’s friend brought her here to “cool” off.
Chidera: (scared as they walk in) Gloria, I know this bar oh. My father comes here to drink regularly. Are you sure he won’t see me here like this?
Gloria: Nothing dey happen. He no fit do anything even if he see you for here.
Chidera: You sure?
Gloria: Forget that matter… nothing fit sup. (They meet some guys on a table and exchange pleasantries… Chidera keeps looking around…)
Jasper: (talking to Gloria) Who be this babe wey you bring come today like this?
Gloria: Na my friend oh. She get one small issue… na why she follow me come…
Jasper: Ehehen… no wahala na… (facing Chidera)… wetin be your name?
Chidera: Chi…Chidera
Bottle: (adjusts his face cap and enters the conversation for the first time… (laughs) Chivita! Chi-baby! Okay na… Feel at home you hear? Nobody fit disturb you for here.
Gloria: (stands up) Jasper, abeg come make I see you
Jasper: For wetin na? Which talk dey wey we no fit talk for here?
Gloria: Come abeg jare.
Jasper: (to Bottle) Hold the Zanga for me. I dey come… (Curtain closes)
Scene 4
Curtains still closed, Chidera is heard shouting, begging not to be raped. The voices of her rapists are heard loudly behind the scene.


Pastor Mrs. Knocks on the door. She finds Chidera pressing her face with warm water.
Chidera: Ah mummy Pastor! Welcome ma. You promised to come and you actually did.
Pastor Mrs: Yes my dear. These are some of the sacrifices we make. (Proceeds to help her press her face)…. How about your legs. I hope they’re o longer paining you?
Chidera: Just a little bit…
Pastor Mrs: Okay dear. Let me help you then…. Now, back to our conversation, I said that you can only truly heal if you allow God to
Chidera: But mummy, how do I forgive my parents? They disowned me? How do I forgive my so called friend Gloria who set me up? How do I forgive the three me. Who gang raped me? How?
Pastor Mrs: God has to help you my dear, and he is willing to. God has forgiven your own actions. He forgave your premarital sex and fornication with Banjo. And we are instructed to forgive others just as shod has forgiven us.
Chidera: Ah! Mummy, it’s difficult… (continues crying)
Pastor Mrs: I know my dear… I know. Let me pray with you and we trust God to work on your heart…. (Curtain closes)

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