Biography of Apostle Dr. Love Emmanuel

Full Biography of Apostle Dr. Love Emmanuel

Apostle Dr. Love Emmanuel was born on October 3rd, 1950 into a large Islamic polygamous family from the North Central Zone of Nigeria. She was the fifth of many children of her father who had six wives in all but maintained four per time.

Growing up in a traditional setting where children were seen as belonging entirely to the extended family, she and her siblings were given out to relatives for upbringing. Her lot fell with one of her step mothers so she ended up being one of the three of her father's children who grew up in her family house. However, in spite of the fact that she lived in the family home, she was isolated from her birth mum who she could not recognize as her mother at the time.

Obtaining western education was not on the cards for any of her father's children, so it was not until she was 12 years old that she was allowed to her Primary Education because there was a need to have someone who could read letters to the people who lived in her family compound. She would otherwise never have been sent to school. This was one of God's ways of establishing the foundation that changed her life and set her on a path to greatness.

Being a Muslim by birth, she was given Qur'anic Educaon where she was made to recite the Quran even though she confesses to not having understood the teachings. However, she remained a practicing Muslim till the age of 44 when she found and embraced the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Apostle Dr. Love tragically lost her parents, sisters and siblings in the strangest of circumstances without any obvious sickness. She herself also came under a severe attack of inexplicable illness through which she almost lost her life. But the Lord of Hosts intervened, spared her life and empowered her to confront and defeat the human agent that was used by the enemy to wreak havoc in the family. Standing on the word of God, in the new faith she had found in our Lord Jesus Christ, Mummy triumphed over death to the praise and glory of the Almighty God. Where her parents and siblings were swallowed up in death by the scheming of unreasonable and wicked men, God preserved her life, proving himself once again to be strong on her behalf.

Her beginnings were very humble. She grew up in the village in abject poverty, was not allowed to enjoy the love of her mother but was handed over to a mean stepmother who denied her love and compassion of a parent because of the wickedness of her stepmother. Her food was handed straight into her hand for eating, yet God singled her out among the many children for education , salvation and great glory.

In 1966, at the age of 16, she passed the common entrance examination and was widely celebrated and given gifts because it was considered a great honour to the whole town to have produced the first female to have passed the exam in the whole town. However, for some inexplicable reason, she was unable to attend any secondary school. Her educational journey however did not end there as she subsequently obtained a Higher National Diploma and other certificates.

In those days she had no dream of hers but her father had purposed that she would become a typist. And so it was that Her journey to a new life started in the year 1968 when her dad sent her off to Lokoja to learn how to type. She was thus given the opportunity of escape from village life. But this did not free her from the shackles of poverty as she continued living in rather austere circumstances with a relative in Lokoja who offered her shelter and nothing more. In order to make ends meet, Mummy engaged in petty trading to fend for her personal needs.

Mummy got married according to Islamic rites on December 26, 1970 at the age of 20 and the marriage is blessed with 2 beauful ladies and three powerful gentlemen who make her very proud. By the time she came to know Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Saviour, her first child was 27 years old. To the praise and glory of Almighty God, her children accepted Christ.

In the course of her marriage which was quite tumultuous, mummy strived for a better life, She pursued her education till she obtained her higher  National Diploma, and her National Youth Service. She got Masters Degree in Chrisan Counseling from Chrisan Leadership University (CLU) USA.

Employment in her state civil service. Her life had begun to take an upward turn especially with her career, yet her marriage was fraught with many challenges and ended in a divorce in 1989 as a Muslim married to a Muslim. Thus freeing herself from the marriage that almost ended her life in 1992.

Left all alone, the travails of life ignited and fueled her search for lasting solutions and rest, a quest and hunger which led her straight to the Lord Jesus Christ. And so it was that a beautiful new phase of her life began in 1995. She got employed as a junior staff, rose through on the job because of her brilliance and failed no exam till date.

In 1996, Mummy joined the Federal Road Safety Commission as an Assistant Director following her transfer from Lokoja to her State Liaison Office in Abuja. She remained in the service of FRSC commission till the year 2023 when she retired and went into full me ministry.

Following her transfer From the State Assembly Lokoja as a Senior Principal Secretary to the Speaker, House of Assembly to Abuja. She remained in the Federal Government of Nigeria Para-Military Service as a Senior Commander and as an assistant director in admin and Registry Record till 2003 When She Opted for early retirement because she has Known and found her Purpose.

Mummy is a woman of many parts as she had a brief stint as a Politician Purposely to be a voice for the voiceless and abused women of her region: She vied for election under the party named 'AD' as the first female governor and won her primary election beating 3 other men in the party, thus becoming "HER EXCELLENCY".
Mummy's life after her salvation was not devoid of challenges but she rose stoutly from them all, devoting her life completely to the service of God. She rose from the lowest level to acquiring many national prestigious awards of honour and lots of int'l certificates from University of Ibadan, ASCON Badagry Lagos and in lots of higher institutions of learning without having attended any secondary school till date. She broke all protocol in all spheres.
The life of Apostle Dr. Love is an inspirational one. She beat all the odds and rose from grass to glorious grace. God turned her life story around to the praise and glory of God and to the benefit of all who encounter her. She endured so much for many years, but now feeds many people. She grew up in lack to the extent of wearing tattered clothes but today she provides clothing for many. Her life and ministry are devoted to providing spiritual and material succor to the less privileged, not only in Nigeria but several other countries where God opened the doors of ministry to her.

Today, Apostle Dr. Love Emmanuel is an accomplished Administrator who retired into full time ministry. She was ordained an evangelist in 1997 and a pastor in 2003, an Apostle in 2017. She is a vastly traveled conference speaker, Christ Crusader and friend of the less privileged. She is the president and convener of God's General Int'l Conference, Lovemanuel foundaon, City of Love Church Int'l all with chapters all over Nigeria her home country. God opened the doors of ministry for her in USA, UK, HAITI, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, DUBAI, SA, KENYA, ZAMBIA, UGANDA, COTE DEVOIRE, NJAMENA, GHANA, CAMEROON AND ALL OVER NIGERIA AND SO ON.

She has been a blessing to the body of Christ and fearlessly declares the pure and incorruptible word of God just the way it is. An encounter with Apostle Dr. Love Emmanuel is indeed an encounter with a true servant of God, a true General in the army of the Most High God.
Aside from her biological children, Mummy Love has hundreds of spiritual children all over the world especially in Africa Naons UK and US whose lives she has deeply touched and who are proud and happy to call her Mummy. 

Indeed Apostle Dr. Love Emmanuel is a worthy mother in Israel. This Mother in Israel is too mysterious to be comprehend. Brilliant, intelligent, no background yet her back couldn't touch the ground.
She is the host of the annual conference of GOD'S GENERAL INT'L Conference. That comes with free medical care, free eye glasses and help to the very old, orphans, widows and the poor in Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Gambia and others.

The Woman, The vision and The mission

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