From Genesis to Revelation: Your Blueprint for Yearly Bible Immersion

It's that time of the year when individuals commonly outline  New Year resolutions, goals, and expectations. While these elements contribute to achieving personal objectives for believers, it's crucial to integrate a vital aspect into their new year plan.

For some individuals, this may not seem like a novel approach, as it has consistently been a recurring item on their annual list of goals and plans. Despite its consistent inclusion, they often find themselves struggling to accomplish or even reach halfway through the plan. Furthermore, while life goals and plans hold significant importance, nurturing a deep thirst for the Word of God is equally imperative.


The Bible asserts that the Word of God gives light and understanding, serving as a lamp for one's feet and a light for their paths. Attaining clarity and light is important for realizing your goals and plans. This clarity, derived from the Word of God, facilitates swifter goal achievement and ensures that you stay on the right course.


Here are the steps to follow in reading the Bible throughout the year:


1. Obtain a Bible Plan:

Get a Bible plan to track your progress and identify the books you've read and still need to cover. This plan typically specifies the daily chapter count. Consider using Bible apps like YouVersion, with its Bible plans section offering various options. Search for a year-long plan, initiate it, and you're ready to begin your journey.

2. Select a Translation:

Explore different Bible translations to facilitate your reading. Personally, I found the New Living Translation (NIV) enjoyable due to its consistent tense. It's recommended to choose a translation that aligns with your preferences and deepens your comprehension.

3. Maintain a Schedule:

Ensure consistency by establishing a schedule for reading each chapter. Set specific times and methods to integrate your daily Bible reading. Consider using reminders or timers to encourage you, especially during a busy schedule.


4. Identify Your Ideal Time:

Recognize the most suitable time for your Bible reading. Whether it's the early morning, daytime, or night, choose a period that aligns with your peak energy. Reading during your active time is advisable to prevent discouragement from fatigue or stress. Determine what works best for you and leverage it to your advantage.


5. Maintain a Comfortable Posture:

After a busy day, maintaining focus on Bible reading can be challenging. Avoid reading the same chapter repeatedly or dozing off by adopting a good reading posture. Whether sitting, lying down, or standing, ensure a comfortable position to overcome fatigue and stay engaged during your reading time.


6. Embrace Opportune Moments:

Don't postpone Bible reading until it's convenient. Utilize any available time, whether on the bus, during lunch, or during short breaks. Transform idle moments into productive ones by incorporating Bible reading into your schedule anywhere and anytime during the day.


7. Explore Audio Bible:

Opt for an audio Bible to enhance your reading speed. Listen attentively to comprehend the content thoroughly, making the most of your time. This allows multitasking, enabling you to engage in other activities while absorbing the Word.


8. Engage in Group Reading:

Reflecting on my experience, I completed reading the entire Bible in a month by participating in a Bible group organized by Evang. Lawrence Oyor. Not only did we read together, but we also highlighted significant passages during our reading sessions. Each day included a discussion time where we shared insights, learned from one another, and concluded with a prayer. It's recommended to join a Bible study group for communal learning and meaningful discussions.

9. Seek Understanding through Prayer:

 Prioritize prayer for enhanced comprehension. To facilitate easy assimilation, combine reading with prayer, seeking guidance and understanding as you delve into the scriptures.

In conclusion: Achieving a goal requires intentionality – the driving force that propels you forward, especially during challenging moments. It sustains your perseverance. While you may have various methods or steps at your disposal, finishing strong necessitates being intentional. Wishing you a successful year of Bible reading, where the Word of God becomes a vibrant and transformative force in your life.

Oluwadamilola Ajayi

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