March 14: Today in Christian History

March 14, 968

Death of Matilda of Ringelheim, German queen, and mother of Emperor Otto I. Because she had been charitable and founded monasteries and churches, she will be regarded as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church.

March 14, 1528

Basel passes a law that all Taufer (Anabaptists, etc) not forsaking their errors be fined £5 and those giving them aid likewise.

March 14, 1661

William Leddra of Barbadoes becomes the last Quaker executed for his faith in Boston.

March 14, 1858

Death of John Mason Peck at Rock Spring, Kentucky, having worn himself out as a frontier circuit rider and Baptist educator.

March 14, 1930

Constantine Asklipiodovich Khlynov, serving as an Orthodox priest in Novorozhdestvenka, Bolsherechensky region, Siberia, is arrested by Communists. He will be accused of anti-Soviet and counter-revolutionary propaganda and agitation, and sentenced to death—a sentence that will be carried out in Omsk on June 8, 1930.

March 14, 1937

An encyclical letter issued by Pope Pius XI warns Germans against the cult of blood and myths. It is written in German instead of the usual Latin to ensure that it is widely understood.

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