The New Man Movement operates also through a Book Publishing and Print Media where Writers can become Authors and get publishing help to further spread the Gospel of Christ.

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God Loves you by Damilola Funso-Adu DeborahGod Loves You by Damilola Funso Adu is a book that keeps hope alive and rekindles the reader's spirit in any situation of despair.

It also reveals the innumerable love of Christ to the weary heart ❣

You can Download the free e-book via or visit to download for free. 


Healing is a God inspired book series from the Inksteps Ministry. It revolves round the revelational power of Healing beyond the Physical, psychological and emotional state of man amongst others.

The Book also leads a call to true forgiveness and letting go as a necessiity for emotional healing.

Just as God truly desires your healing, you should be deliberate about it too. You can download a copy by clicking or here