Handling Criticisms with Care

Handle with Care!

Well, it's not just a notice on some fragile equipment that makes us
take caution. A bunch of things around us require that we include
caution. Today, one of those would be properly looked into.

It's the subject "Criticism"

Simply put, Criticism is the opinion of A over B. Overtime, it creates
the better person in a man if he follows certain instructions. That's
where the Handling with care comes in.

1. Look beyond the criticism and see the critic. If it's someone you
respect, listen to what they say. If it's someone who is constantly
critical, do not place too much value on what they say- they are most
likely projecting their frustrations on you. Basically, question
yourself if your critic sincerely wants to help you.

2. Try not to take yourself too seriously. The truth is, we do things
we regret. However, the ability to laugh at yourself and learn from
those things signify the growth into maturity.

3. Know the difference between constructive and destructive criticism.
Learn to interprete it by asking:
a. In what spirit was it given? If the critic's attitude is kind, the
criticism is constructive.
b. When is the criticism given? If someone criticises you publicly,
usually, their intentions are not the best.
c. Why is the criticism given? For personal hurt or one's benefit?

Furthermore, the individuaal must
1. Demonstrate maturity emotionally
2. Realise that good people get criticises
3. Keep a good attitude
4. Concentrate on missions and change your mistakes- Note that undue
criticism allows you to Concentrate on your Mistakes and Change your
Mission- (Concentrate-Mistakes-Change-Mission)
5. Spend time with the right people.

Now you know the CMCM formulae?
So, handle criticisms with care.

Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde is a blogger and poet who is in love with the Law and Tech. He loves God and has a passion for society's wholeness.


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