5 Reasons Why You Need Joint Prayers

5 Reasons Why You Need Joint Prayers

Sometimes, you need somebody to agree with you in prayer; somebody who knows how to stand on God’s word and intercede with Him over any issue. In Acts 12:6, we read that just after James’ execution, Herod was planning to kill Peter the following morning. Peter could choose to sit up all night praying, but he wasn’t. The Bible says he was sleeping. Where did he get such faith?

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In Acts 12:5, the Bible says that the church was earnestly praying for Peter. This shows the peak when you know some people are somewhere praying for you and that their prayers are working. Whenever you can sleep in the face of danger and experience grace in the face of chaos, only few things are involved.

1. You know God well.

By knowing God well, it means that you have an understanding of God that surpasses standing on His promises. By that same knowledge of God, you have handed the situation over to Him

2. Somebody is praying for you.

Many times, we may not have proper ranking in the heavenly realms to access certain secrets of God's Kingdom. In the same manner, the early church did not say, ''If Peter was in God's will, he wouldn't be in this situation right now''. At the same time, they didn't blame Peter for the situation or wonder who would preach in church the following Sunday. Instead, they prayed in faith for a breakthrough and God in response sent an angel to set Peter free.

That is how Prayer works. In John Wesley's words, ''We can do great things when we pray; but we can do nothing great until we pray.'' So when you feel like your prayers are not getting the job done, seek reinforcement and ask people to agree with you in prayer just as Jesus has commanded in Matthew 18:19

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