Sin and The Nature of Angels

The term “sons of God”in reference to angels appears five times in the old testament; Genesis 6 [two times] and Job 1:6; 2:1, 38:7. The same Hebrew expression is used in Job 1:6 and 2:1, describing when the sons of God came to present themselves before Him and Satan came also among them. Angels are of clear interest here and it is plain.

Sin and The Nature of Angels

Job 38:4-7 makes us see without doubt that God is referring to angels also. So we have good angels rejoicing at creation and we have fallen angels who sinned with the daughters of men _both are called sons of God.

The account of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in Daniel 3:24-25 calls an angel the son of God.
Jude 6-7 If Sodom and Gomorrah and other cities committed fornication in like manner as angels, we see that angels commit sins. Further illustration is seen with the daughters of men Genesis 6.

The angels warranted their judgment as verse 7 of Jude gives the clue.
If we combine the scriptures of the books of Genesis, Job and Jude, we’ll gain insight in this issue. Everything was perfect in the beginning. No fallen angels or demons but later Satan fell, drawing the support of one third of the angels. They became the fallen angels. What happened in Genesis 6 happened after the fall producing evil children from that evil union into the world. Angels Have sinful nature and are imperfect. This is seen in Job 4:17, 1st peter 1:12. This is because they are creatures. [1st question answered], JOB 1:6 [They owe allegiance to God]

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Here are a few facts about angels


Facts About Angels

  • They are mentioned 306 times in the scriptures. “Angel” is mentioned 202 times and “Angels” is mentioned 104 times (KJV)
  • They were all created by God – Genesis 2:1, Nehemiah 9:6, Ephesians 3:9, Colossians 1:16
  • They were present during the creation of the world – Job 38:1, 4 and 7
  • They are not to be worshiped – Colossians 2:18, Revelations 19:10
  • They report directly to God –Job 1:6,2:1
  • They announce – Luke 2:10-14
  • They don’t get married – Matthew 22:30
  • They are spirits, like man’s soul, but not in corporeal [without body or form].
  • They are created to live forever - Luke 20:36
  • Their purpose is to glorify God- Revelation 4:8
  • Some angels help man- Hebrew 1:14. How they come to play in helping men is determined by how you choose to activate them in function. In the words of Pastor Femi Lazarus, the angels assigned to you are not mannequin and so you should learn to activate them.
  • Some angels harm man – Mark 5:1, 1st Samuel 16:14-23
  • They are spirits beings – Psalm 104:4, Hebrew 1:7 and 14, 1st Samuel 16:14-23
  • They are invisible – Romans 1:18-32, Col 2:18, Rev 19:10,22:9
  • They are innumerable - Deuteronomy 33:2, Matthew 2:6, Hebrew 12:22
  • They rebuke Idolatry - Judges 2:1-4
  • They possess super human intelligence and power –Mark 13:22, Psalm103:20, Daniel 9:21-22; 10:14, Rev 19:10; 22:8-9
  • They possess will – Isaiah 14:12-15, Jude 6
  • They appear to man as humans –Gen 18:2; 19:1;10, Acts 1:10
  • Imperfection is ascribed to them as creatures 
  • They display joy – Job 38:7, Luke 2:13
  • They display desire – 1st peter 1:12
  • They are .stronger than men – Psalm 103:20, 2nd Thessalonians 1:7, 2nd peter 2:11
  • They are of different orders – Isaiah 6:2, 1st Thessalonians 4:16, 1st peter 3:22, Jude 9, Rev 12:7
  • They are elect - 1st Timothy 5:21
  • They examples of meekness -2nd peter 2:11,Jude 9
  • They are swifter than men – Dan 9:21,Rom 14:6
  • They are not omnipresent- Dan 10:12
  • They are not omnipotent – Dan10:13
  • They are not omniscient –Matt 24:36
  • Some are cherubim – Ezekiel 1:1-28,10:20
  • Some are seraphim – Isaiah 6:1-8
  • The majority of them remain true to God. They will join all believers in the heavenly Jerusalem –Rev 5:11-12,27;Hebrews 12:22-25 [2nd question]

Since we see in the thirty-third fact that majority of the angels present unalloyed loyalty to God, I do not believe that they would still sin. Also, they should have learnt their lessons from the devil who is a fallen angel.

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