The Beauty of Prayer

Bernice found it difficult to pray. This was going on for almost two weeks. When she starts or tries to pray, she falls asleep or becomes weak such that she would not be able to utter any word. This has been a great concern to her. After keeping to herself for a while, she opened up to her close friend, Grace, who advised her to see prayer beyond the normal routine.

The Beauty of Prayer by Mercy Alimi

"Bernice, I understand how prayer is usually seen as a normal and daily ritual.  If you see prayer that way, you'd begin to feel weak to pray with time. Prayer is more than a routine. It is an act and a way of communicating to God. God wants us to speak to Him concerning every aspect of our lives. This inability to pray is also a prayer point and you can tell it to Him. It is His Spirit that gives us utterance and strength to pray. Just be vulnerable to Him and let Him help you. God truly wants to hear everything and that burden that is stopping you from prayer itself is a prayer point. So, you should stay open to God and let Him know everything."



One thing that keep relationships between people mutual is communication. When a relationship is enriched with communication, the vulnerability level increases and the parties involved are able to open up and discover many things about each other. As believers, prayer is a way of communicating with God. It's a two-way process. You talk to God and He replies to you. It's a beautiful thing.

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Sadly, prayer has been mystified so much that the fear and knowledge of it has made many engage in it the wrong way. God is a Father and His personality gives us access to Him and everything that belongs to Him. He has blessed us with every spiritual blessing and we are seated with Him in heavenly places. This reality reveals that we are God's and He is our Father. Just like any father would want his child to be open, free and accessible to him, God also wants us to be unrestricted by our thoughts or beliefs in our relationship with Him. God is a loving Father and He wants that Father-to-child relationship where you are free and you just want to open up and let everything be known. The devil understands that prayer is a big machine for us and he tries in every way to make us have a misconception about prayer and create fear in us.

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Prayer is a sweet thing. You have access to communicate with the Creator of the universe without booking a session. A very huge opportunity to have a chat with Him any time, any day. The intriguing thing about prayer is that God is also involved in the communication. As you open up and show how vulnerable you are, He speaks back to you and this makes it so sweet.

Prayer is Unique

You can use a posture today and use another tomorrow. The location for prayer is not static. In the corner of your room, in the church, at your place of work, anywhere. What God checks is the state of your heart. He wants to be having a full-day chat with you and this shows that even in the business of the day, you can still speak with Him.

Prayer is Access

It's a privilege to have access to the maker of the universe and get to speak with Him at any moment. As we communicate with God, our eyes are opened- we see things beyond the physical and our sight is clear as we see what the future holds.

Prayer Builds Confidence

Prayer builds your confidence. You are able to stand bold and do great things because you have been with the Great God. Prayer helps you to have a good thinking system. You are able to think. Ideas flow because you are connected to God an His Spirit who is the Great Teacher. It is a faith booster as it lifts your FAITH and you also need faith to commune with God. Hebrews 11:6

As you go through the bustle and hustle of life, make it a habit to constantly and consistently speak to God. Stay fresh!

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