The Holy Spirit knows my Account Number

Considering that the Holy Spirit is all knowing, He should know my account number. I mean, what's the big deal with that? It is a big deal and I'll show you why.

The Holy Spirit knows my Account Number by Omotolani Faith Abata

I have an Access Bank account I stopped using in 2019 for some reasons and it was somehow pushed to the back in my mind. We all know out of sight is out of mind. In August 2021, I noticed I was getting statement of account mails from them. First, I'm like "oh. You still exist", then I scroll down to see that my password is my default account number. 

"This should be easy." I thought until every supposed correct digit combination in my head was incorrect. All I needed were the four numbers in between but it was just zilch! Nothing worked. I even checked a small book where I wrote account numbers if it would be there. Reality mocked me because I only wrote the first four numbers and didn't complete the rest when I was documenting. Every other important account number was there except that.

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So, I did something I've been so akin to doing each time I'm looking for something. "Holy Spirit, please remind me these numbers." Nothing came, I kept trying at intervals. Evening came and it was the first day.

Next morning, four numbers were playing about in my mind but I was slightly occupied to pay attention. Later on I paused and reflected. They were quite close to the combination I'd used before so I wasn't sure, but I decided to wing it any, crossing mental fingers. Brethren, the file popped open without any alarm systems going off.

Now, here's where I'm going. The Holy Spirit, of course, knows my account number, just as he knows all things about us and everyone around us. 

1. First off: what you need is an asking away. Just ask. It doesn't matter that it's the gazillionth time you're asking in three days. Go on and ask. He knows where it is, what it is, why it is so, how it should be done etc.

2. Second: expect an answer. Have faith. Your request isn't ridiculous. I ask for everything and anything - perfume, pen, ATM card, kitchen utensils. I can't find it but He knows where it is. Somehow I just look up or turn around and it's there. Then I smile and thank Him. He will answer. Maybe not right away, but expect an answer.

3. Thirdly: the Holy Spirit is not fireman Sam, He's not only there for emergency missing things. There is nothing you can't talk to Him about. No aspect of your life is too small or too big to burden Him with. That's His job, your burden bearer. Let Him do it. It's on His CV and He's very efficient at it. Make Him your closest confidant and friend. 

4. Lastly: be flexible. The numbers had been in my mind since midnight when I woke up to ease myself and were there all morning. If I was expecting a more grandiose answer, I may have missed it. Sometimes God doesn't come in the earthquake or thunder, sometimes He doesn't even come in a still small voice. The conversation with a friend, a nudge in your heart, that persistent thought. Don't box Him into a corner. He knows your account number too. Flow and enjoy the relationship.



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