What Fruit Does Your Tongue Bear?: Gospel Today Devotional - 17th September, 2021


What Fruit Does Your Tongue Bear?: Gospel Today Devotional - 17th September, 2021.

One major distinction between the girl child and her male counterpart is the tongue. It is believed and I have seen that the male child can most times never overpower the female child with his tongue, isn't it? Have you witnessed a quarrel between a female child and and a male? What happens as they exchange words? You find out the female child has just more than enough words for him, right? In summary, we are saying that the tongue of a female given the right condition to speak is sharper than that of the male. And most times, these words come so piercing.

Words are very powerful and the one who speaks must see to it that whatever comes out of his mouth are only things that edify. Praise God. Many awful things have happened because people uttered wrong statements. Families have been torn apart, marriages destroyed, friends became enemies just because of the tongue, etc. The list is endless. If one cannot bridle his tongue, then he should see to it at all cost that he must speak words of edification. If that which your tongue produces is strife and contention, then you would have to change.

This is because as believers, our words must be seasoned with salt and always with grace that we may know how to answer every man (Colossians 4:6). We cannot afford to do otherwise. This is that which is expected of us. Let me ask you some questions quickly, can I? Are you words fitly spoken? Do they edify? Are your words like the piercings of a sword to whom you speak or health to him? While you continue to ponder on those questions, let's see the passage of scripture below.

"There is that speaketh like the piercings of a sword: but the tongue of the wise is health" (Proverbs 12:18).

Just like we have been studying before now, the passage of scripture above reveals to us two categories of persons who have one thing in common; their tongue. However, there's a difference between them as to how they use this important member of the body. To the first category of persons he says that they speak like the piercings of a sword. This is serious, isn't it? How can scripture compare the words of a man or the use of his tongue to the piercings of a sword? It only shows to us how destructive such words can be. It reveals to you and I how condemning such words can be. It hurts the one to whom it is spoken such that it is as though a sword pierces through his heart. Such words are not filled seasoned salt and always with grace. They do not comfort any and they are not fitly spoken. Does this describe the words that come from your tongue?

It then tells us of the second category of persons. It says that their tongues bring health and called them wise. This is because they never hurt with their words. They never seek to condemn people or ridicule them by their words. They do not speak like the piercings of a sword. Their words are edifying, comforting, fitly spoken, always with grace and seasoned with salt such that the one to whom it is spoken finds relief, exhortation and encouragement. They are wise in choosing their words carefully. They don't just say anything that comes to mind. They think about it first and consider the impact it will have on the recipient whether it will be like the piercings of a sword or health to him. 

If the former will be achieved, they will rather not speak but if it will bring the latter, only then will they seek to speak. As believers, we are to be careful with our words and we are to be in the second category, that is, those whose words bring health. Those who use their tongues wisely and not otherwise. Let's not say things that would pierce the hearts of people like a sword all in the name of wanting to speak our mind. There's no wisdom in that. Let your words bring health to those that hear you at all times. In conclusion, I'd like you to answer this; what fruit does your tongue bear?

Thought for the day: As a believer, does your tongue condemn or edify? Are your words fitly spoken or are they like the piercings of a sword? What fruit does your tongue bear?

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