5 Facts that Strengthen Your Belief for an Encounter with God

Having an encounter simply means "meeting". An encounter is an experience from a meeting with someone and in this case, an encounter with God is a supernatural experience. You can imagine the good that happens to you when you are privileged to meet the Governor of your state or the President of your country. If men can offer such benefits from your meeting with them, how much more should you expect from a meeting with God? 
5 Facts that Strengthen Your Belief for an Encounter with God

When a believer goes into the place of prayers, the believer goes with the mentality that he's going to meet God. These encounters brings faith. While praying, you give God permission to move. A believer is not to "beg" God to move - More than you wish to showcase God, He wants to showcase Himself.

What Strengthens Our Hearts to Believe For an Encounter With God?

Most believers go into prayers without being sure if they'll get answers. Note that, no one prays and does not receive answers. Most times, believers while praying are like the proverbial treasure hunter who walks into a mansion, everything is at his disposal, he can pick the choicest clothes, shoes or currencies. However, at the gate, he drops everything he has picked and walks out empty-handed.

What he lacked was faith that he already owns what he has picked,he feels he has to do something mega to deserve it. Likewise, as believers, there is nothing extra you have to do to get answers to your prayers or have an encounter. Below are some facts which strengthen our hearts to believe for an encounter

1. God Truly Exists

God is not some space created by some people in order to appear mystical. He really exists, He's realer than anyone you can think of including yourself.

2. God is Ever Present

Many people go into prayers without being sure that God is even around, so their minds are distracted and not properly prepped to receive. But you should know that even if you're praying in the darkest hole or most turbulent sea, He is present.

3. God is willing

Another barrier which comes out way in encountering God is the mindset of not being sure that God will answer you. More than you wish to meet Him, He wants to meet you and have a relationship with you. More than you want people to be healed of their infirmities, He wants to heal them. All you need to do is pray, because if there is a man to pray, then, there is a God to answer!

4. God is Trust worthy

God is not a man. He is not a scam. His word, the Bible contains His promises to us and He said we should call upon Him and He would answer us and He would show us great and mighty things which we know not (Jeremiah 33:3). This assurance is enough to open up our hearts for encounters of the God-kind.

If we can trust man when they promise us goodies, why can't we rely on the maker of man. Our doubts notwithstanding, He is loving and beckons to us to look up to Him for our deliverance.

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